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March 28, 2011


The German army rocks Smoke on the Water.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Actually, they kinda did.

Talk about your German helmets

The Polish Response

Hindenburg himself wrote that tune after consuming a record number of bratwurst and 3 plates of sauerkraut.

Kinda like Lawrence Welk playing Parliament's
"P-Funk"...leaves A LOT to be desired.

But Guttenburg was (is) touched...did you see the tear in his left eye?

"Ve haff vays uff making you Rock On!"

Was that Sargent Schultz on the trumpet?

A Jewish friend of mine thinks the music is great but he worries about Germans with torches.

HAHAHAHA Hogs - I was thinking that EXACT same thing !
(I'm not jewish, but I *am* a student of WWII)

UmmPa, baby. That was metal. They kick brass.

All that for a resignation ceremony? Was his resignation that popular?

The Bulgarian response.

....and the Scottish response.

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