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March 29, 2011


The beer bike.

(Thanks to US Petanque Kingpin Philippe Boets)


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That has Father's Day written all over it. But remember - when riding a bike, always wear a helmet.

Can a keg be considered an open container?

That's cool and all butt...I'll wait for the wine bike.

I kind of like the coffee bike. A couple of cups of that and I could really fly.

This one has pedals.

No, a keg is NOT an open container.

But it is a CONTAINER of sorts. Hops, namely.

And speaking of Easter, I hop(e) this Bike visits me.

A thing of beauty.

As a friend in Milwaukee pointed out this is not an original idea.

Looks like yours, Coconuts.

owners of this bike have a policy, if they run over some one by accident they give them a free cup of beer. One guy has been run over 62 times.

And yay for Petanque dude!

In my youth, I went to a party on a 50cc motor bike. After about 5 or 6 beers, I attempted to leave.
The experiment was not a success and I quit the attempt. Due to that, I have never gotten the opportunity to say, "But Officer, I only had TWO beers!"

It's just another vehicular source of CO2 greenhouse gas. I'd be more impressed if the cycle recycled the effluent.

I think there's one of those pedal bars in Portland OR, too.

How many miles to the keg? EPA will want to know.

Shoot, he opened the world's worst fortune cookie.
Bet his numbers lost, too.

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