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March 31, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Picture of the Day.

(Thanks to Andrew Hoover)


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She could be the Eve of destruction.


Reminds me of the recovery room after my last colonoscopy.

THAT'S not a Picture Of The Day. THIS is a Picture Of The Day: http://tinyurl.com/627uk7k

Hey blog guys! I'll bet she's single.

Nothin like a "gruntfest" to liven up your day!!!

Was she born a Gruntfest, or did she marry a Gruntfest? Either way, party on!

That might be the greatest name ever.

...& if she married the Jockey Club President, Tom Chuckas,
they'd be the Gruntfest-Chuckasses.


Stev0 - tinyurls haven't worked here in years. It might as well have a neon sign saying "CLICK HERE FOR MANILOW!"

Sometimes that kind of humor is a bit strained.

Agree w/sandy.

We have a mate for Kegasus!

I haven't thought of that word "grunt" for many years, but in the Appalachia of my youth, it was a word commonly used for, well, sitting and "grunting".
Come to think of it, some language doesn't need to be kept alive.

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