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March 18, 2011


Catch it.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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He looks like a friend of C.H.A.O.S., all right.

I understood none of that.
Thank you.


I guess his Mom was right about his face freezing like that.

I think that's what Dr. Evil and his cat looked like just before the lab explosion that burned off all their hair and fur.

gotta think twice about someone who posts his faculty pic with his cat.... glad i was a history major. this dude is creeppy.

& no need to shout out your email address, Turgay...
not very 'Uzer-friendly', are we?

A thicket of experimental and/or theoretical data (spectral lines, energy levels, trajectories), usually conceals these insights.

Jane thought, "Gosh, my thickets only cover insects and rodents. Is that why no one likes my thickets?"

(Parody insspied by Sat.Nite Live's famous coffee commercial parody)...

Snorks @Jeff & @Sandy!

The kids used to call him "Uzer the Loser."

And yes, he's available, Ladies!!!

Uzer can frequently be found hanging around Georgia Tech's on-campus dorm/hotel looking for "assistants"
to help him with "Physics research".

Be very afraid if he asks you to pet his ...cat.

(I was there once. Probably not going back.)

Holy cats! He reminds me of the dracula guy in Nosferatu.

Which one has the degree - the Siamese or the guy living in his mom's basement?

If you Google for his image, he looks like a nice enough guy...check it out.

Looks perfectly normal to me.

"The application of nonlinear dynamics to the microscopic, quantal world of atoms and molecules has provided fascinating insights into their behavior." I was just discussing this very thing with my wife the other night.
Her insightful reply was "Take out the trash".

Hey, is that Schrodinger's cat? He's been looking everywhere.

I see he has published in collaboration with Sakir Erkoc

As to Schrodinger's cat ... he's dead, Jim.

Which means, NotSherly, that he should be easy to find. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest, yadda, yadda. Butt that is not the case with this cat.

And I thought I had a couple creepy profs... *shudder*

sometimes described with some humor as "postmodern"

Creepy physics stand-up. Who knew?

I knew. And if you don't agree with their pathetic idea of humor, they get very very angry. Yes, speaking from personal experience. Usually their hissy fits are funnier than their jokes.

Snort, snort (pushes glasses back up nose, snort, snort.

You're right, bandarr, he really is a nice-looking gentleman in his other pictures. Posing as Ernst Blofeld for the faculty photograph might be considered high humor among physicists. They're strange people.

Nevertheless, many of his publications involve lasers and knees...I think we have just discovered the man who paid his way through college by designing that laser-table Fry-A-Bond setup for Auric Goldfinger.

Shirley Bassey singing in your head, yet? If not, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51Wg6k9cWhM

Math is hard. Physics is harder.

Cindy, I bet you were a whiz in chemistry. Of the science nerds I knew in school, they either liked chem or physics, but not both.
Chemistry drove me nuts, depriving me of a thriving career in illegal drug sales.

I bet he carries a gun, just so he can say "Uzer, 9 millimeter."

For the Unix geeks out there, does he log on as "SuperUzer"?

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