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March 10, 2011


Peter and the Starcatcher opened in New York last night, and it got a really nice review in the New York Times, which is a major newspaper up there. Ridley and I were on hand, in our team sportjackets.





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Dave wrote a book play?

Nice blue shirt, Dave.

Pictures of the production.

My daughter is reading the book for a second time. Wonderful! Send the show to DC!!!!!

Congrats on a fine NY Times review. Wise move to wait until Frank Rich was gone.


So, who's joining me and my daughter for an evening of "arrested goofball" performance? Contact me at steveFORGOD'SSAKEDON'TINCLUDETHE
LETTERSINCAPSHEREkeeper@ymail.com, and let's see about a bloglit pre-show meet.......

Dave and Ridley are ushers in NYC? I guess the recession is hard on authors too.

*passes hat to help feed the Barry and Pearson kids*

We dress alike,
We walk alike,
Sometimes we even talk alike,

A "very nice review"?!?
That was a "rave", Dude. These are NEW YORK critics, like the ones who called Hurricane Katrina "a mildly annoying rain shower".

*reads actual article*

Ooooooooh! CONGRATS, GUYS!!

*Waves up to Leetie!* I miss your giant head, woman!!

Great review, looks cool, but those lost boys look a tad...old?

Congratulations, Dave and Ridley!

I bought the book a few years ago for my son, for whatever reason he didn't read it and I found it a couple weeks ago, under his bed among other 13-year old boy things kept the bed, such as sandwiches, socks, and blue-gray fuzzy things. After letting it air out for a day or two I (finally) started reading it and couldn't put the darn thing down. Worse, at the end I went to amazon and bought the rest of the series. Waiting anxiously for them to arrive.

I tried to copy-and-paste the "former humor columnist" line, but the ever helpful NYT tried to explain the comment -- an explanation that yielded only a question mark in the interactive box.

I think "repurposed" is more accurate than former.

Congratulations Dave and Ridley. There may be a Tony award in your futures.

Got stars in your eyes, Dave?

*sends a copy of Photoshop*

I read the rave last night, Dave. Had to keep checking back that it was really the Times. He liked it better than WICKED, for crying out loud!


Obviously a job very well done. Congrats!

Here's one more rave.

What happened to my last post? It had the review from the Daily News.


Jeff -- read it, the Backstage one? Was great anyway.

Dave seems to be well on his way to getting his EGOT. Though, someone needs to explain about standing in front of the title in promo shots.

That is a incredible review. You and Ridley should prepare yourselves for the onslaught of Tony awards.

Nice picture Dave. Congratulations!

With that kind of review, you should just move it to Broadway right away. The Spiderman theater may be available soon.

BTW, the show's not eligible for a Tony because it's Off-Broadway. But it could win a coveted Obie! (do they even still have those?)

After that review, poor Mrs. Blog will have to use a crowbar to fit Mr. Blog's head through the door.

Well done guys!

congrats Dave and Ridley! My boys loved this book - I hope I can see this show someday!


Ya done good.

The boy from New York..

I think Dave ought to write a book.

YAY for Dave and Ridley!! Congratulations!!!

'Merging the Affable' & 'Straight-faced Whimsy' WBAGNFA Dave Barry blogger...


Good things should happen to good people :)

Posted by: sandy

Absolutely Grand!!!
So the next order of business is - can you start work on the screenplay for Disney, since their New York stage requirements clause has been met? or are we going to have to wait even longer???

Nice pic - I guess those cameras that improve your faces really DO work!

Very much fun reading those reviews - congrats! Go to google news and search 'starcatcher' and you get more reviews, uniformly positive. I particularly enjoy the comments from the 'common folk' that follow. The internets are a wonderful thing.

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