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March 09, 2011


Madrid without Kaka for two weeks

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I know I can't start my day without Kaka I mean Java.

"Coach Jose Mourinho has pleaded patience..."

and if that fails, prune juice is worth a try

He injured the same left knee that was previously operated on?

Good thing his emergency back-up left knee was spared.

Did anyone see the Arsenal v. Barcelona match yesterday?

Robin van Persie's sending off was the biggest travesty in world soccer since Qatar was awarded the World Cup.

Well, that stinks.
No, wait. It doesn't.

When Coach (manager) Jose Mourinho took over at Chelsea a few years back, having just won the Champions League with Porto, he told the British press, "Well, maybe I am a special one . . . "

Of course the British press had a field day with that one, and today he is still known as "The Special One".

There was even a "Special One TV" satire show, done with puppets. It was hysterical, if you follow English football.

'Rhymes with Beeralax' works for that...

Kaka also battled a groin problem...

How do you 'battle' a groin problem? Take it to obedience class? Give it a timeout?

Maybe his groin hit his knee and injured it.

In other news:

Kaka orders PuPu Platter at Long Dong restaurant.

Too bac PELE was already taken.

Arsenal had a player named Eduardo. His nickname was Dudu. They also had a player named Thierry Henry. His nickname was Titi.

Had they ever managed to sign this guy, they could've fielded a side featuring Kaka Dudu Titi.

"Real Madrid" translates to "Royal Madrid." Without Kaka, they are a royal flush.

There's gonna need a lot more Benefiber.

Bonmot, by any chance do you like soccer? I like it also but don't follow it that closely. I'm more of a baseball fanatic. Sometimes I think these foreigners are just messing with us when they use names like this.

If you accidentally step on Kaka, that's bad.

To continue drawing fans (and profit), Real Madrid considered finding an unknown player to pretend to be Kaka. But teams execs feared a loud uproar from their supporters if they were found out - a real Kaka-phony.

*groan* @ Annie.

Howdy's brother, Kaka Doody?

Boy, do we all need to grow up.

Nah....what fun would that be?


Take the groin problem to obedience school?

Quite apart from being extremely attractive, you are hysterically funny.

Too much snorking at everyone to single out a specfic bloglit.

While he's out of the game, he's whiling away the time drawing cartoons for the local paper.

Tomorrow is when they have his Kaka doodle due.

That's some serious mass constipation. Something in the water?

*Snorks* @ everybody, and multiples for Annie and TATDMOUSL's rooster.

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