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March 30, 2011


Cops break up fight over last beer

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Man, those are some dignified officers.

Ah. Canadians. That explains it.

Some things are worth fighting for.

I have nephews like that, (the little sniveling bastards).

It was over Black Label.
"You drink it."
"NO! YOU drink it!"


Hey, I swear I did not see the 'brewhaha' comment before I posted on the last story.

Anyway, if two women were down to their last beer, they would pour it into two glasses and share. Right, ladies?

If two ladies were down to their last beer they would leave it there and have a glass of wine and the watch the men fight over it

"Brew-haha" in a Canuckian police report? Royal Canadian Mounted Stand-up.

Was this the last beer in Canada? ferj is absolutely right. Then we would have laughed at the men fighting over the beer.

All's fair in love and beer.

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