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March 10, 2011


"There's not only a chemical signal in the feces that says 'Hooly dooley, this is a dangerous animal', it's 'Hooly dooley, this is a dangerous animal that's been eating my friends'," Murray told the AFP.

(Thanks to Joshua Tolley)


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Are we sure this isn't about Charlie Sheen?

What about the Kardashians?

Do you suppose it would keep the deer out of our yard?

If he's got tiger blood, he's probably got tiger... We already know he's full of it and it drove off those pests to wanted to pay him a measly $1.5M a week.

hooly dooley and the S**t-kicker band. wbagnfarb
just sayin.

OK, raise your hand if you are trying how to work the expression "Hooley Dooley!" into everyday conversation.

"trying ^to figure out^ how"

I get SO EXCITED when I post, my fingers just fly away from me.

It doesn't seem practical without laxatives to get enough tiger poop to protect much of anything. And if you were to be able to synthesize it (Lady at bar: What do yo do for a living? Man: I make tiger poop. Lady runs away.) wouldn't the animals lose their fear because, man, it's EVERYWHERE?

Hooly dooley! There go padraig's fingers!

For some reason when I got up this morning I never expected to see these words together.
synthetic tiger feces
synthetic tiger feces
synthetic tiger feces.

I am going back to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.

I'm wondering what feces spread around would not drive things away?

"hooly dooley"?

People actually use that phrase?

And here's the "feral deer"! Feral chickens, feral deer? What, everything going "feral"?

And besides, aren't deer suppoooosed to be feral?

Does it work on Beiber fans? Or would it only work if the tiger actually ate Beiber?

Hey, wait......

What do you put out if you're (not "your") trying to avoid people who say "Hooley Dooley"?

Besides the porchlight.

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