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March 29, 2011


The Darby charges extra for drinks served 'on the rocks'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Unless those rocks are diamonds, they should be served for free.

They charge more because when ice is in the glass they serve more alcohol? Doesn't ice take up more room in the glass so in essence they would be serving less alcohol? I'm confused

Big city booze prices are ridiculous. In a certain large midwestern city home to a team whose name rhymes with "the virago hairs," my very kind and genteel f-i-l bought a round of three drinks. He looked at the tab and very loudly asked, "THIRTY-FIVE F****ING BUCKS? Are you kidding?!?"

I think they threw in the ice, though.

The microbes in NYC drinking water have to be cultured for a certain amount of time before being carefully frozen into the ice. This takes time, and time is money my friends.

On Tuesday evenings, we go to a local steakhouse that is well known for pouring a stiff drink. My regular Wild Turkey (100 proof) manhattan on the rocks fills a big double old-fashioned tumbler and contains more than three ounces of bourbon. It costs $6.25. I think I'll stick with the Midwest.

Hey! Tonight's Tuesday!

Rocks (ice) dilutes the drink, besides chilling it.

So unless the ice has alcohol in it, it saves on booze.

THus they make MORE by giving you LESS.

Same old scam. Which is why I say "forget the ice but be nice."

So if they charge more for adding ice, and p'haps in some instances also more for "neat" ... I'd surmise that if a person din't order a drink at all, there would be a HUGE surcharge for ... "nonservice"?

nexxt up - the $4 "At Least You're Not in the Midwest" surcharge.

If the bars go the same route as the airlines, next they'll charge extra for the glass.

Annie - I'll drink to that!

The last mixed drink I bought in a bar cost a whopping $1.50, so I can't talk from experience.
However, my wife and I were waiting for a table at that restaurant that claims to be from Australia but is actually from Atlanta.
We saw a guy buying "lite" beer for $4.50 a bottle. "Lite" beer? Have I missed something?
OK, something else?

Don't tell the airlines.

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