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March 31, 2011


Another brawl at Chuck E. Cheese.

(Thanks to Not my Usual Alias)


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We're still hoping to hold a joint high school graduation party at Chuck E Cheese. We're going to one in an adjacent county.

Any place that has a giant psychotic rat for a mascot is bound to have bad karma.

The brawlers were aged 19, 19, 19, 20, and 25. I remember the sophomores at my high school were pretty cranky, too.

Chuck E Cheese isn't as good as it once was. Sounds like it has gotten worse they need to bring back more of the pizza and pipes places with an emphasis on the pizza. That's the problem with Chuck E Cheese not good enough pizza. The other stuff is okay.

You may hear about another brawl in a few days. I'm going to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday.

Chuck E.Cheese definitely needs some new PR people...

instead of saying where a kid can be a kid,

maybe they should say "GET READY TO RUMBLE.. AND TUMBLE..."

just sayin'....

cindy, you'll be ok if you bring your own pizza slicer. Borrow one of Siouxie's machetes.

That's a good idea, padraig! My ex will be there. A machete could come in handy.

I nearly died/got paralyzed in a Chucky-Cheese playhouse. I won't go near the place. (shiverrrrr...)

Lol! I don't think I'm gonna go there again with my sister. Sounds pretty scary.

Boys. *Eyeroll* Really, guys - if you want a cheap-a$$ plastic ring THAT BAD, I'll just buy you one.

Diva --
I just check out stuff like that from my library.

joint high school graduation party

Is that anything like a high school graduation joint party?

Caesar's Palace has lost its allure with this generation for heavyweight bouts.

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