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March 30, 2011


I'll be stomping around my old stomping grounds next week: On Tuesday I'll be in Pleasantville (where I went to high school) (but they're permitting me to return) to watch the great movie This Is Spinal Tap along with New York Times book critic Janet Maslin, after which she and I will have a discussion that may or may not have anything to do with the great movie This Is Spinal Tap. Then on Wednesday I'll be signing the just-released paperback version of I'll Mature When I'm Dead at the City Center Barnes & Noble.


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LOVE "Spinal Tap"!! LOVE Dave! Pleasantville is a tad overrated but okay. Wish I were there.

Will you be getting a "I returned home to Pleasantville" tattoo before, during or after your visit?

It's the sister city to Niceville, FL. Or maybe it's the evil twin, I can never remember witch is witch.

Bummer - you should plan your trips more toward the weekend so you can go to Captain Lawrence Brewing Company. I mean, what else is there to do in Pleasantville?

When Dave said he was a 'baby boomer' I always assumed he was talking about WWII. I had no idea it was the Civil War! Jeff Meyerson is going to be upset. He's in London for the next few weeks.

Readers Digest Worldwide Headquarters welcomes you back to Pleasantville, Dave.

Kunta Barry.

I see another book coming of this.

Hopefully there will be a Q&A and some of Dave's buddies from school will be there with some freaking embarrassing highly entertaining stories.

Stories? We want pictures.

That should go all the way to 11! (Good thing you don't play drums, in public anyway.)

I can't remember. Was Dave one of the drummers who spontaneously combusted?

wish i could get down there!! i live in albany.
That's UNpleasantville, i guess.

Not that I'm jealous of NY, but some authors who shall remain nameless (but whose initials are "Ridley Pearson") are about to make their second appearance in these parts since the Blog was last here (accompanied by some other guy named "Ridley Pearson").

Of course, there was the squirrel infestation ...

Dances, maybe you could add an ice surcharge to your local bar drinks to raise money to bring Dave out to you.

When did Dave write a book?

It's actually a picture book, much like this one.

Annie! Shame, shame. I think I'm going to try to have a fundraiser to bring the RBR's to Shelby, NC. They may even get a glimpse of a blurry Big Foot. BBQ, beer, and the RBR's. That's entertainment. We're also the Liver Mush Capital of the south! We have a Liver Mush Festival every fall and I cannot think of any better entertainment. I will personally make sure each RBR gets all the liver mush he or she can eat. Beer too. You may want to drink the beer first.

I will be mobilizing everyone from Briarcliff to take our High School back from your evil spawn. We are the Ones(class of 1469). Be there or be square!!!
Our Wheelchair Corps advances upon you!


Armonk be Damned!!! For God's sake, Forward!!!

Go Scarsdale?

Annie, hon (amn't I just adorable?), we don't allow ice anywhere near our Raging Bitches. :-)

Breaking Updated Newsitem Gusher: The 2nd Place Winner will be awarded 2 weeks in Armonk!

dances....you got a little Armonk on your shoes. I can smell it.

NOOKbook (eBook) - not available

WHAT??? WHY Not Dave???

I thought you need a birth certificate and proof of Upper 2% Income to get into Westchester County. Meanie?

Was flying through some airport (I can't remember which one) and picked up I'll Mature, etc..... My traveling companion asked who the hell is Dave Barry...I was embarrassed. Bought them a copy...Needless to say they are now just as worthlesswell-read as I. They went out bought more and became a Dave-head.

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