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March 29, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Headstone of the Day.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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What a gas.

I guess he passed.

Free at last.

the smart fellow, he felt smart.

say that three times fast.

Gone with the wind.

Behind him, gassed,
It's in the past.

Or is that Dust in the Wind?

Buried in the bowels of the earth: The Dumfart remains

They buried him in activated charcoal.


^Rectum? Nope - killed 'em

Junior High must have been a living hell.

Maria had until 1981 to change her name and didn't take the opportunity. That's where sentimentality will get ya...

Still waiting for the Blogettes to describe the Dumfarts they married....

Work filter says I can't look cause it is a gambling site????

no gamblin' mary - just 2 lyin' dumfarts

The next time I visit my parents' graves, I'll take a picture of one of their neighbors. His nickname was "Stinky"-it says so right there on the stone.

who could walk thru this life with that name? hi ma, i'm going over to the dumfarts. that's not nice to talk about our neighbors that way....

RIP in Peace

pad, I just married an @ss. Close enough ;P

*snork* @ BFF!

Perhaps pronounced Doom-fairt?

His end was silent, but deadly.

spose it's better than dumkopf!

Don't miss the Dumfart Trio.

In Danish/Swedish/Norwegian, "Fart" means "speed" as in "Halv Fart" or "Full Fart."

I kind of thinking he not knowing English good.

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