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March 17, 2011


It's a day to celebrate, and maybe even have a drink with the enemy.

(Thanks to Ken Morgan)


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To cop a line from Blazing Saddles, "Ok! We'll let the them in too."

Don't laugh. You may spill your pint.

At first I wuz certain that foto wuz a set-up job ... but after noticing the glassy eyes and silly grin ... yep ... that's a real squirrel, pretendin' to be Irish ...

Top 'o the marnin' to all you blogits.

I ain't never gonna drink wit' no squirrels.


At least I didn't see that whilst hungover...

Completely off-topic: the Banana Equivalent Dose.

I thought St. Pat drove the squirrels out of Ireland.

No, clank. 'Snakes' is an o'euphemism for 'attorneys.'

So cute, I want a sweater like that "Paddy Magic"I have little derby hats for my cats to wear. Have a good St. Patrick's Day.

Well, I HAVE known some squirrely Irishmen....

Sure and I'll buy that dead squirrel a drink!

And to all you temporary Irishman, Beannachti na feile Padraig! Ye have my leave to drink like Catholics tonight!

May peace and love be your daily fare, and may squirrels bless your underwear.

...& may no one steal ur nuts ;)

And just who would be buying, lad?

Squirrel nut sippers.

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

...& may no one steal ur nuts ;)

Posted by: sandy |

...or bite them off.

Erin Go Baugh?

Erin go braless?

I sure hope that green is poison.

Coincidence that people turn green just before worshiping at the porcelain throne?

I think not!

It's not easy peein' green.

Sure an' they're always after me Lucky Charms!

I smell varmint poon tang

And to all you temporary Irishman, Beannachti na feile Padraig! Ye have my leave to drink like Catholics tonight!
Posted by: padraig | March 17, 2011 at 02:14 PM

Padraig, don't be crazy. For all non-Irish and non-Catholics, you may want to start off drinking like a recently converted Catholic. Otherwise you will be cursing Padraig in the morning.

Drinkin' like a Catholic's not all that deadly, cindy. The tough part is starting out by stealing cheap wine. After that things spiral downwards nicely.

Just look at me as an example, upright and postin' away in the morning immediately succeeding St. Paddy's! I do request, though, that all of you type more quietly.

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