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March 29, 2011


April 2 is International Pillow Fight Day.

(Thanks to Orly Seidman)


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Could we combine International Pirate Day and International Pillow Fight Day into one, really big parrrrrrrty?

"Take THAT, me hearty!!" *WOMPH*

That could be dangerous with the old feather pillows.

No fair the pillow filled with doubloons.

be more fun if we can fill them with jello & pudding

*readies Punkin's sack full o' nickels*

I prefer to fight with a pair of fun pillows.

They were gonna have one in Paris, but they.... well.... they gave up.

Don't make me smother you with my pillows...they've killed before. ;P

Also, no fair swinging a pillow with your hidden hook.

If you put a good quality memory foam pillow in a refrigerator, it becomes a weapon.

I'm down with that.

You suck, ciggie. And then you blow.

Can we hold a pillow over the spammer's face for a bit?

Pillow fight in Animal House is still one of my all time favorite movie scenes.

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