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March 26, 2011


The 69-year-old Pompano Beach man was arrested Monday for allegedly telling a motorist he was a cop and forcing the driver to pull over - with a barbecue fork.

(Thanks to cyberick)


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*beats jeff to WTForkBBQ?!?*


The driver had a barbecue fork?

First it was a marshmallow fork in the news now a bbq fork. Pretty soon all forks will be outlawed and we're going to be stuck using those crummy sporks.

Non compos mentis, literally "I don't have a clue how to make breath mints".
How this applies to this case, I'm not certain. But it may.

Steve, Ergo. Always wanted to use that word in a reply. This seemed to be a good time.

Forks don't kill people. Armed bears kill people.

"Alright - License, insurance, and ketchup, please."

Steve, since you're writing Latin up there, let me share my favorite expression: queso restavo. Literally, "I rest my cheese." Very useful both in debate and in Belgium.

oh, ok. well, fork you very much. ahem.

nice one, sandy. I hate to say anything along the lines of "I sent this in too" but check the date:
February 22. I do believe I might have sent it in then.

But then, it is a classic and worth blogging, as it wasn't then. Of course, it had to compete with the classic Thin Mints Melee back then.

*Gets bbq fork and goes after Jeff* btw, many thank you's to everyone for your kind and encouraging words to me after the death of my mom. Even though I wasn't posting I read the blog when I could and you guys always put a smile on my face. You're the best and I mean it.

Belated condolences - deeply sorry to hear about that, nc. (I have a lot of catching up to do here....)

Same here on the condolences, Cindy. I hope Mom had lived a long and happy life.

I haven't been around much lately - only one of the downsides of having a job.

Thanks again. She was 77 and did have a great life until a few years ago when she had a brain tumor. I was telling a friend of mine at Church about this. She is 92 years old. When I told her my mom's age she replied, "She was just a baby!" My mom would have loved that. Now, somebody better make me laugh or else................

Fer nc.

(Stick with the first commenter)

Cindy, so sorry to hear. One of the best things I was told after my father's death was from my brother-in-law. He said, "No matter how much it hurts now, and it will hurt, it will get better. It has to."
It was very simple but it was what I needed to hear right then.

Meanie, I have to agree with the guy that said to kill him first. Very cute. Steve, I agree. I've always heard that when a person dies their life flashes in front of them. No one ever told me that when a parent dies your life with them flashes in front of your eyes. I've had Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee family with me all week. My southern accent is so thick now I can barely understand myself.


my condolences cindy, to you and your family.

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