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March 31, 2011


Read about this guy.

(Thanks to Ron Gibb)


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He had Keith Richard genes.

An eighty year old man who was shot point blank, stabbed 13 times, left for dead, and then who survived for another 18 years? That dude is action-hero worthy. I see a Hollywood opportunity here.

He was shot in the face, bayoneted thirteen times, and left for dead in a pool of blood. He was found alive, trying to load his musket to fight again ... Whittemore lived another 18 years until dying of natural causes at the age of 98.

Can you imagine what his wife said to him when he got home?

This guy is my hero now too. Wow.

I think it's time we take inspiration from our Founding Fathers and send Hugh Hefner to Iraq.

Well, now I know how I'll celebrate my 80th birthday. Ye sons of Cromwell will do well to avoid me wrath until then!

Calm down, padraig. You still have 2-3 years before that event.

Wow. Huge, huge brass ones.

'huge brass ones'....

and i'll bet a BIG PISTOL in his pocket til the end

Timex actually stole the logo "takes a lickin but keeps on tickin" from the eulogy for Whittmore.

And possibly:

"You can call me dead when you pry my brass balls from my cold, dead hands..."

Glad you all found this interesting! I stumbled upon a picture of the monument in a thread of 'funny pictures' somewhere, and my curiosity made me go looking for more info. Quite the inspiration!

If I were him I would have wanted to die! Wouldn't all those wounds hurt like hell?! Just a thought.

Update: It has been learned that 98-year-old Mr Whittemore was bludgeoned to death in flagrante by a jealous husband.

Rasputin's grandfather?


Why do I imagine him lying in a pool of blood, yelling at the redcoats as they left "what are you running from, you pussies? Get back here and fight!"

Not only were they brass, they hung down to his knees.

The take home is: If you want it done right, don't send the British.

I had no idea we had an Official State Hero. I must have been sick that day.

Wow. Humbling.

This guy must have been a Klingon agent!

Something tells me that that was one guy best admired from a good, safe distance.
Reminds me of my wife's grandfather. His wife finally decided to retire from physical love and told him so.
He was disappointed but decided that since she was 98 he'd have to put up with it, even if he was older than she was.

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