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March 31, 2011


The Preakness has a scary fun new mascot:

Kegasus, a "party manimal" sporting a nipple ring, body hair and beer gut, was announced by the host Maryland Jockey Club Tuesday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Dave, you should be in this picture,

"Kegasus" Huh? But pegasi have wings! He's a centaur!

He appears to have been gelded, which explains the heavy drinking.

Well, at least I now know the theme of my nightmare tonight.

It's about time binge drinking got promoted.

the ":human" part bears a resemblence to Russsel Brand.

ANd does he have a jockey?

and who "cleans up" after him?

I think the Preakness should be renamed the Freakness.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

yikes - blurred furred groinage

I think this year I'm going to move my birthday from August 9th to May 20th so I'm not part of the under-40 target demographic. Yikes! I never want to see that again.

"Kegasus speaks directly to our infield fest demographic with his no-nonsense personality and total embodiment of a good time," Jockey Club President Tom Chuckas said.

So this was Chuckasses Chuckas's idea?

Someone's headed for beer trots


(((((((Siouxie))))))) That was SO full of win. :D :D :D

Rode hard and put away stupid. Blech!

Aw man, Dave! That was crueler than every Manilow picture you've ever linked, put together!

BEER GUT? Sorry, but if you can see your toes, or hooves as the case may be, you don't even have a good start. That's a real insult to those of us who take pride in our years of effort.

Damn you, Photoshop !

Since when do the phrases "no-nonsense personality" and "a good time" belong in the same sentence?
My best times ever were when I wasn't in the same zip code as "sense".

Fans will be invited "to pursue sunstroke and alcohol poisoning."

Best line lol

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