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March 14, 2011


The CEO of Burger King is getting grilled for telling a group of students that British women are ugly and that food in the U.K. is "terrible."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Chris Elzi)


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Grilled, but was he butchered?

In Heaven,

All the cooks are French;
All the police are British;
All the lovers are Italian;
All the mechanics are German,
and it's all organized by the Swiss.

But in Hell,

All the cooks are British;
All the police are German;
All the lovers are Swiss;
All the mechanics are French,
and it's all organized by the Italians.

Understandable error. Actually, the women are terrible and the food is ugly (c.f. Camilla Parker Bowles and spotted dick).

Maybe he was sauced.

Hey, he was just being honest!


... and?

I don't know about the women but the food is pretty awful.

Hold the pickles,
Hold the lettuce,
Ugly people do upset us.........

After being in England, my description was "bland and appeared to have been overboiled." Plus I said the food was bad.

America's national condiment is ketchup.

Germany's is mustard.

Mexico's is salsa.

England's is vinegar.

How bad does your food have to be when you put vinegar on it to make it taste better?!

To be fair, He was in Warwick, which is right by Birmingham. Which is noted neither for cuisine nor beauty.

You are what you eat. The sun never sets on the British empire waist.

I'll forgive him if he 86's that nasty, creepy King character.

Coco...I thought I was the only person weirded out by The King. The last time I questioned his appeal, I was set upon by his fans. Ick.

King = Jason in hockey mask. Shudder.

Actually the only decent food I've experienced in England (not just London) is Pub food - and not all of that.
British women? Depends on how you feel about horses.

I like horses. Brit chicks, not so much.

Hey, there are some good looking British leading women. Then you realize they're Australian. The food's not memorable. Bangers and mash.

"If he views women as potential distractions in academia, I wonder how he views them in the workplace?"

i dunno... how do you view that joke in your mirror?

wait: their women are ugly, their food sucks...AND they have no sense of humor.


@Loudmouth: Yep, bangers and mash would be my favorite - especially made with pork & leek sausages and Colcannon mash.

The British have as many varieties of bacon as Obama has excuses.

The full-on English breakfast -- fried eggs, streaky bacon, bangers, baked beans, home fries, grilled tomato and maybe a blood sausage -- is pretty good. Their fish and chips are good; they've got great oysters but don't brag about it, and they make some great cheeses.

But despite the French calling Brits "Les Ros Bifs", their beef really isn't very good, at least compared to Texas beef.

Besides pub food and fish & chips we tend to stick with Indian food in Britain. Love that curry.

when did you move to england, Jeff?

Well put, Mud. You certainly know how to spot a dick.

"If he views women as potential distractions in academia, I wonder how he views them in the workplace?" Charli Fritzner, a women's campaigns officer at Warwick University's student union, asked the Guardian. "It doesn't make Burger King an attractive employer for women."

Women are a distraction. All it means is that he isn't gay. 'Tis a fact of life.

He should talk. My wife, knowing I like cheese, ordered a BK burger for me and, when asked if I wanted cheese, she said "Sure".
Whatever they use for "cheese" tasted like jackass spit. I couldn't even swallow the one small bite I'd gotten. Worse, I didn't have time to reorder and went hungry until we got to Florida.
The same thing happened last year when she wanted to stop at BK for lunch.
I have to quit letting her order form. She's trying to kill me.

The English national food is curry. Imported from India.

Steve: Road food to Florida: Pack loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter, jar of jam, and three bags of baby carrots.

This menu served us well for many years with the junior Guins en route down I-95.

No! No! No! No! No! All of the women in England are terrible and all the food is ugly! Please try to keep this straight!

Given the vomit inducing garbage that he peddles he's got a hell of a cheek.

And I give you, just as a taste:

Kate Beckinscale;
Kate Moss;
Carey Mulligan;and,
Keira Knightly

and I havent even thought about it

Oh, yes. Keira Knightly is proof that a woman doesn't have to be top heavy to be attractive.

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