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March 31, 2011


House passes gas and water measure

(Thanks to Ed)


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I love that show!! House is such wacky dude.

so they passed gas and water - butt did they have a movement?

When a governmental body passes gas AND water, it shure is time to adjorn!

In fact, It's Miller time, which could lead to passing of more liquids....

Mr. President, I move that we adjourn!

What are those ranchers thinking? They could never pony up enough green to match clout with the oil and gas boys.

Sounds more like mudstuffin's house.

In a possibly related development


“Why Flatulence is Funny: A Serious Look at a Humorous Topic.” Title of April 1 Philosophy colloquium topic by Jim Spiegel. No joke.

Alas, no details are available on either website (Taylor's or Spiegel's).

It squeaked through the assembly.

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