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March 28, 2011


A new world order.

Related item here.

(Thanks to Opinador Compulsivo)


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I'd hate to be a South Korean...

Relayed = related. Although one should note that the best relay runners come from countries with smaller boobs.

How do you account for Gaddafi - he's a huge boob, yet his country rates teeny. Maybe they're grading on a 'curve.'

On the boob map, the color in the USA has been artificially enhanced

Any single guys here from Venezuela?

Congo anyone?

Sorry...was fantasizing thinking out loud.

*Moves aside as the blog boys stampede over to Russia*

Saggy old women and lying old men can wreck havoc on statistics.

They forgot to include the Hic Cup, caused by excessive country music.

87.5% of all statistics are made up. Including this one.

Does the asterisk in California mean Charlie Sheen's willie fell off?

How is Canada and other colder countries measured larger than the U.S.?

The metric system does have its advantages.

I told my wife that when I win the lottery, I'm going to buy me one of those expensive sports cars, a convertible. I'll let the top down and drive down the road with the wind blowing through my scalp.
On the rear bumper will be a sticker. It will read, "Compensating".
All she said was, "OK".
(I told the ladies at my office that, when I win the lottery, I'm quitting my job (too late, now), and heading for the beach. I'll sit there in the sun for a few days and think about letting my wife know where I am.
I told her about this, too. She said, "OK".)

Steve, we ladies have selective hearing too. What your wife heard was you were going to drive to work with the windows down. The ladies at the office heard you were going to the beach with your wife. Unless we hear the words, blood, kids,death, or cancer, we'll generally reply with, "OK".

Where is the average weight map. I would bet it correlates really well with the boob size map.

Dam I hope these were in centimeters. If not, not going to show this to the wife.

Cindy, after the comment about the beach, her full response was, "OK. But I'll know where you are and come get my half."
During times of stress or joy or just about any other time of my life, my instinct is to head for the beach. My wife knows this. She says I am trying to de-evolve back to a marine mammal.
We have been together a long time.

Steve was a Marine?

I see the French have been at it again. Notice that all of Europe is one color except for France.

Nope, no Marine. I'm a cork.
On our honeymoon in the Bahamas, I went out in the ocean beyond the waves, to float on my back.
I woke up about 200 yards out, heading south with the current.
As much as I like the idea of being unable to sink, I don't fully trust the phenomenon. So I try not to fall asleep anymore.

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