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March 31, 2011


Casino N.B. in Moncton has launched a controversial new promotion called "Slot University."

It's offering people an opportunity to learn to play slot machines for free.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I thought when you played slots all you did was put in money, pull the handle, and then cry.

O-kay...Just guessing about the law here, but if this course is FREE, then the customer has no money at risk, right? So it isn't GAMBLING, right? So it shouldn't be subject to the usual rules that enforce honest games in a gambling state.

So the operator won't be in violation of any law if he fixes the training machines to let the customers win consistently if they follow some technique that he teaches.

Whereupon they truck on over to the company's regular gambling machines and try to put their new-found knowledge to work...


I think that a slut university is a very bad...

oh,m what's that...slots not sluts...


zama: That is what I thought at first as well.

Need to clean the glasses.

I, too, saw it as Slut University. I just figured it was an article about Penn State.

Let me guess, the average age of the students is around 60?

Is there an " all you can eat " buffet...? Because then losing $ 50K would be so...like...totally worth it.

I've only played slots twice in my life but I don't recall it being all that hard to learn.
Don't leave your cup of coins on the floor. Decide if you want to push the button or pull the lever.
Always play an end machine on the main aisle because they're rumored to be set to pay off more to attract suckers.
Have I missed anything?
Oh, and after a while, quit playing and just watch the players.
Best show in Vegas that doesn't involve T&A, usually.

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