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March 28, 2011


It's easy to make your own baby wipes

(Thanks to the Perts)


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Maybe the blog could market these superior wipes. Needs a good name, though. I've heard that Analtech may soon be available.

Analog Wipes

If you use your fingers, is it a digital wipe?

waaaay too much free time.

Hey - don't knock it. I made my own baby wipes for years. Had a kid who was over sensitive to everything and this solved the problem. We were also dirt-poor and this was the best solution.

" On a busy schedule ? Leave out the baby oil and use sandpaper instead of paper towels. "
Martha Stewart

My mom used to spit on a tissue to wash our faces! ISIANMTU

That's nothing - to save tissue, our nana used to spit on her hand and rub our faces with it. HARD.

We were so poor we had to make our own poop.

Don't have any baby, but I guess the chemistry works okay.

Any idea how her solution of using psper towels is better for the environment? Sounds like a lateral move to me.

Perhaps, Mshark, she recycles.

What MikeyVA said.

As a young father I round the easiest solution to this was to remove the diaper, corral the kid on either side with pillows, and call the Irish Setter, while I disposed of the diaper. By the time I returned, the kid was cleaned and giggling.

This could only be done in absence of the mother, of course.

*SMACKS* pogo for times mom was absent.

And Mrs. Pogo always wondered why you laughed every time the dog licked her face.

In America, you use baby wipes. In Soviet Russia, baby wipes you!

Can we change the subject?

*sets up perimeter for new subject*

This is a change of subject. I found the one Dave Barry book I didn't have today at my favorite used bookstore. It is "History of the Millennium So Far". I had to buy it. It was leaning up against a Danielle Steele novel and Dave was looking at the woman's heaving bosom on the cover of that novel. So far, very, very funny. I nver knew you could cover 3000 years of history so quickly. I would like to know when Dave is planning on finishing this book since we are now in the year 2011.

Our oldest daughter frequently held it for several days and then let go with a massive, Chernobyl-type radioactive release.
It was after one of these that my wife actually had me hold her (the baby) up so she could use the garden hose.
Practical parenting was our motto.

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