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March 28, 2011


York County man put shrimp in his pants, struck security guard, police say

(Thanks to Laura)


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He was just auditioning for the new Taco Bell commercial.

Is that a shrimp in your pants or are you just not happy to see me?

No one likes getting caught with a shrimpy package.

I'd be embarrassed to say I had a shrimp in my pants. If I were a guy, that is. Which I'm not.

Bad reporting!!!

Did he, the officer, or the security guard remove

the shrimp from suspect's pants? Was it filmed?

Were the pants rights fingerprints preserved?

Enquiring minds want to know!

FROZEN shrimp down there? Wouldn't a cold shower be easier?

what size shrimp? jumbo shrimp?

Hot flashes? No wait, it was a guy.

I'm stumped.

What IS it with people putting stuff in their pants on this blog???

Um, shrimpage shrinkage comes to mind.

Let's get this straight. Did he put a shrimp in his pants or did he HAVE one in his pants?

Shrimp cocktail?

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