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March 30, 2011


GRAND RAPIDS – Flying Dog Brewery, a Maryland-based craft beermaker, is suing the state Liquor Control Commission, alleging the agency is censoring its free speech by rejecting labels for the bottler's “Raging Bitch” 20th Anniversary India Pale Ale.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Easy way to get a PETA member upset: Call her female dog a bitch.

Arrogant Bastard is OK with California as a name for a strong ale produced by Stone Brewery in or around San Diego.

Maybe they're more sensative in MD. except for Baltimore of course.

They're (not their) right up 270 in Frederick.

This is what happens when you start putting women on the Liquor Control Commission.

What a brewhaha.

I have seen, but not purchased, hot sauces called "Screaming Sphincter" in several States. I guess this is better than "Flaming A$$hole", but I'm not sure of censoring labels.
After all, there is a plant commonly called "Mother-in-law's tongue" because it is long and sharp.

FLA place has a hot sauce called Slap my A$$ and Call Me Sally ... good stuff!

... maybe they should use a small "b" in bitch? Might take some of the "personal" sting out of it ..

Flying Dog's Beers are great. I especially like Tire Biter Ale, and another one something Retriever or other.. It's a blond ale. De-lish!

Interesting that Mr. Blog should post this story on the anniversary of the release date for a GREAT double-album

It's not MD, but MI that is bitching about the name. I wonder if Conyer's Criminale would get through?

Raging Bitch India Pale Ale ~
I halt Gaga -- incredible pain!

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