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March 14, 2011


This blog is on Spring Break this week, so posting may be sporadic, and possibly even off-topic.


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Is there such a thing as "off-topic" in this blog?

Since all of us up north go to Florida for Spring Break, where do Floridians go?

Why to New Jersey, of course!

There's a topic?

just what i was wondering... if there is, i am SO fired.

Did he say "Topic" or "Topping"?

You know, the, uh, Jesus pizza thing ....

Of course there is a topic

Ooops, might have broken the blog...

Don't know if you broke it, but you certainly cracked it.....

Heyyyyy, I sent this in 3 days ago!


Unfortunately for Dave, that whole spring break in Japan he had planned doesn't seem like such a good idea now..

Japan is probably safer than Mexico.

*SMACKS* Annie! I'm sure Jeff sent it first.

Dave, we don't need no stinkin' topic!

topic is optic spelled sideways

Have a good Spring Break Dave.

Olive Garden says "When you're here, you're family." So why do they freak out when I try to leave without paying?

""Tipping' is not a city in China."

Sign in a local restaurant.

So Dave broke the Spring?
Who has the number for the repairman?

If Dave broke the spring he should think about exercising more and reducing his calorie intake.

Dave is just trying to mess up the Eastern Standard Blog Time with that daylight savings ploy.


Dave's in Montpelier, before going to China, because they have a broken spring?

Maybe it was a spring roll?

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