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February 22, 2011


UZBEKISTAN'S state television issued overnight an unequivocal denunciation of rock and rap music as a Western liberal excess, saying the music was epitomized by sadism, drug addiction and immorality.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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When did they see Rock Bottom Remainders?

They have television in Uzbekistan?

My oldest child has recently decided he likes the "screamo" genre (not sure if it can be classified as rock or even as music). There could be references to sadism, drugs, and lascivious behaviour but I do find two aspirin makes the headache more tolerable.

I'm guessing that someone somewhere didn't get their cut from online music sales.

The answer's clear: Release the Kraken!

Norm, I think the RBRs have crossed Uzbekistan off their next World Tour.

Death metal is too good for them. Good luck with those two string cigar boxes you call music.

Granted that all these years later, I can't hear "Born to Be Wild!" without getting the urge to get on a hog and let the wind blow through my scalp. That has to come from something in the music. Maybe because it does what it was supposed to do; have an emotional effect.
But have you heard what those people listen to for music?
Neither have I, but I bet it wouldn't make me want to go buy a Harley.

Ozzy Osborne, KISS, and Rap promote Satanism and drugs?

What are the Uzbek's smoking?

Wait...they do? Ok, Nevermind...

This was a SOVIET propaganda peice!!!

Anyway, how'se about we send them all our
Lawrence Welk and Celine Dion discs as a good will

And although it's risky, all our Justin Bieber records also.

How about we send Ozzy and Bieber over there to debate the issues? And while they're there, someone could, y'know, accidentally lose their return visas...

It would be kind of hard to have a debate with Ozzy. I can't understand a word he say's.

Reminds me of that classic, over-the-top anti-drug abuse commercial with the eggs, from the seventies: "This is your brain. [Shows two unbroken eggs in a pan]. This is ......... damn ..... I just had it a couple of seconds ago .....

Is there a Manilow statue in the capitol square? If not can we bronze him for them?

Wait until they find out Snooki and The Situation have books out. They'll be burning piles of 'em in the town square.

Who the hell names their country Uzbekistan?

>>...saying the music was epitomized by sadism, drug addiction and immorality...<<

...And those are its good qualities.

In other news, the manager of Unequivocal Denunciation announced that the band has canceled the Eastern Europe leg of its triumphant world tour. No reason was given for this development.

Who the hell names their country Uzbekistan?

That immodest man Stan who also did Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Wait until they find out that Wakka Flocka Flame is booked at their Car Stereo Ware House in beautiful downtown Tashkent,Uzbekistan.

Meanie, it goes,"This is your brain. [Shows two unbroken eggs in a pan]. This is your brain with a side order of bacon"
Man, now I'm hungry. That's some good stuff.

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