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February 23, 2011


We regret that we cannot bring you today's Winter Sports Update.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It is now my favorite sport

If you try it yourself, phil, beware of shrinkage.

Didn't Topless Sledgers open for Metallica?

I volunteer to be the Painter of Numbers for these perky, brave female athletes--the guys are on their own.

Winter sports are such fun. When viewed on my TV where I can see the palm trees off the patio behind it.

*Puts on sledge costume*

*Smacks MtB*

the last picture: 'The boys weren't left out in the warm either!!'-

umm, looks like one of the 'boys' has some 'girls'

He's on the two-man boobsled team, sandy.

Yay, boobies! (The lady version.)

None of those women will ever model for Victoria's Secret.

"Thirteen men and 13 women dressed only in panties and helmets to protect their heads . . ."

How does wearing panties protect your head? Just wondering.

The big head, I mean.

sandy, I noticed the moobs on that guy too.

Not pretty.

For all the blog guys at work that cannot see the pictures don't worry. It's just a bunch of very tall, nordic looking women with very, very large, natural looking, bare bosoms. They have their arms up in the air also. There is also a guy with very large bosoms but his arms are not up in the air. Now. Don't you feel better?

Looks kinda nippy.

The candy-coated lugnuts on Cupid's pink corvette.

It would be so nice to maneuver those moguls..

I would not mindgetting a few of those ladies --

[Above comment deleted for offensive "ski pole" and "bunny slope" content. --TP management.]

If their undies ride up on them is that called a sledgie?

Looks kinda nippy.

Posted by: Siouxie | February 23, 2011 at 11:31 AM

...also nipply.

Sum of those parts are "perky" ... other parts, not so much ...

(I know ... all the good lines wuz already tooken ... )

Thanks for the "do not open at work warning". Much appreciated :).

The numbers look about right-- I wouldn't give the fat one more than a three.

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