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February 21, 2011


Busy beavers wear out welcome at Wisconsin yacht club

(Thanks to Dan)


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Someone is unclear on the concept.

How can there be too many beavers at a yacht club, for Heaven's sake!!

All Wisconsin beavers are well treated. This account is from Minnesota, and is thus anti-Badger propaganda. You do know that Minnesotans refer to themselves as "Gophers", do you not? And what are gophers but... underground SQUIRRELS!?

I rest my case.

Is it really news that beavers are attracted to yachts?

Beavers on boats lead to stubby masts.

If you get my jib, Loudmouth.

I got posted!
Pad as a former Wisconsinite you are correct that Minnesota papers are biased against Wisconsin...especially given the super bowl results.
You do know why Badger boys don't date Gopher girls?

Now if it was a Wisconsin STRIP club it would be different.

Dan, why do Badger boys not date Gopher girls?

It's always the gophers at golf clubs, like Bushwood.

Dan, not offhand, but I do know what you call a Minnesota Viking with a Super Bowl ring.

A thief.

Sorry, couldn't hold back any longer.

Cindy the answer is a very crude joke.

Dan, actually my niece was a Badger cheerleader and she married a *sob* Gopher hockey player. Oh, the shame. Well, at least he wasn't a North Dakota Fightin' Stereotype...

Pad at least its not a Cyclone...
I will admit my 2 kids and myself are Concordia Golden bears! (which for how much I paid I deserve a wing named after me). \

My heart still lies with the Badgers.

Cindy have you ever seen what a badger can do to gopher hole?

My sister and I ate dinner at the next table over from a school of yacht owners and their wives in St. Augustine one night.
We couldn't help but notice (and laugh, later) that all the men were in their fifties and sixties, balding, slightly (or more) overweight. None of the women were over 35. None wore glasses, were overweight, most were blonde, etc.
Trophy beavers?

All I can say is..

Busy Beavers are better than busy Beiber(s)!

No one likes an idle beaver.

Wouldn't busy beavers be falling foul of the vice squad?

the term "busy beavers" conjures up a quote I heard several years ago. "Girls get minks the same way minks get minks"

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