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February 20, 2011


Guys are heroic.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)



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Just what a bunch of guys need when they are stranded together on ice. A bunch of Playboy magazines.

Gotta fight the shrinkage.

Next time he should drop a Kardashian.

There's gotta be a joke in there sumplace that deals with "hookers" and "pictures" and ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... nevermind ...

I kinda like the mini-blurb about the story of "unruly waterfowl" holdin' up the funeral procession ... but then, I gave up ice fishin' a long time ago ...

OtU - I too overcame the ice fishing habit. I moved south about 35 years ago.

We bet the Braintree public works employees will soon come down with Legionnaires disease. And possibly frostbite on their poles.


We're gonna have to start making toques...

pogo -- I'm a little reluctant to freeze parts of my anatomy (as useless as sum items have become, they's still part of my personal nomenclature), and the number of vehicles that go thru the ice every year is rather off-puttin' fer my sense of personal safety ... besides that, I'm lazy ...

Is ice fishing for people who are too poor to buy a boat and go fishing in the summer?

For when they tire of yanking on fishing lines.

Braintrees need proper fertilizer.

"Ice fishing" is Canadian for "drinking." You know how Eskimos have 40 different words for "snow"? Canadians have 40 different words for "drinking".

Nah, Annie ... I, personally, have heard Canadian-type folks use at least 67 different words or phrases to describe "drinking" ... they's a vocabularious bunch, them folks North of 49 ...

Very interesting post.

Well in Texas the only way we get ice and fishing in the same sentence is "Hey Billy Bob, you remember to ice down the beer?"

Oops should have read in the same conversation unless we put the words "for the fishin trip" between Billy Bob and you.
I know Billy Bob, that is why I felt the need to explain. His boat does not always make it all the way across the lake. IFKWIM

In my youth, I spent one winter in Michigan, where I went ice fishing. It was chilly. I learned that if you catch a fish, you dump it on the ice. Fish flops once and freezes solid. You put it in the freezer like that and clean it when you get it out for a summer fish fry.
After that winter, I lived in Kentucky for the next 33 years. I rarely wore a jacket because KY had nothing on Michigan in the cold department. I saw a Michigan lake once go from liquid surface to frozen with a foot of snow over it in 9 hours flat once.

Sounds like way too severe a test for my frosticles.

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