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February 24, 2011


'Baby Gaga' breast milk ice-cream goes on sale

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Does "free range" = braless?


Did you see the side article about the breast-milk cheese being produced for a New York restaurant?
I know "kosher" has nothing to do with this concept, but I would also want to know what pans were used so I could avoid those.
It is natural and I'm all for breast feeding but not for me.
And no diapers, either.

Shoot, Steve. And here I was going to offer to spank you. As for this article. That pint of orange sherbet I bought yesterday suddenly doesn't seem so appealing.

Like my grandpa always said, "That's why they make left and right vanilla and chocolate."

how soon til Lady Gaga wears a Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream dress? (whipped cream & a cherry on the bra, of course.)

Sandy, considering what she's worn in the past that would be a step up.

yep, cindy - she' be pumped

one thing I find confusing, the term "breast milk" correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't all milk come from breasts?

oh, and ICK ICK ICK.

Are your fish illin' there, gaggle-diddler?

How is Baskin-Robbins going to find 31 flavors?

Well, Juggler, I'm not sure about coconut milk. And magnesia. I'm pretty sure Human Kindness dried up a while back.

Ice cream cones.

Juggler: Birds have breasts, but that's not where their milk comes from.

Post mortem on this, but I've been thinking about health laws on this and I can't think of a one that would prohibit it. So long as the source is disclosed and healthy, it would be legal.
I don't think it would be popular except with a certain crowd I prefer not to consider, babies and "other".

I'm all for the containers, but the thought of consuming the product inside leaves me a little queasy.

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