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February 07, 2011


Brooklyn's Evermore Pet Food creators of will eat dog food for a month to prove product's quality

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I could make a nasty comment about them already being dogs, but that would be mean, so I won't.

I agree 9 .... on both counts.

Well, it doesn't help that the one on the right is already wearing her rabies tag.

I've heard that some dogs have a nasty habit of eating out of a cat litter box .. hope they don't pick that up as well.

You are what you eat . . .

I'm guessing they're single.

'We eat it all the time," said Wiener'

i never wanted to know what's really inside a wiener...

Now now, boys, be nice.


wow, you guys are ruff


Dogs eating dog food? You call this news?

(I wasn't talking about the girls specifically, but
if they have dog food breath,...

Maybe they should make a video that can go viral...)

Man who sleep with dogs wake up with fleas.

Dogs who sleep with men wake up pregnant..sometimes.

At least in the Twilight series...

The one on the left looks just like my son's collie.

For some reason, this makes me think of the Swetty Balls skit on SNL.

Now blog guys be nice! As for any comments I may have I'm keeping them to myself on this story. Besides you all have pretty much said everything I was thinking.

Canine get in on the act?

Man's best friend?

Methinks not!

Mot, I'm so sorry for your son.


>>"We eat it all the time," ...<<

Explains the scratching at the door and the car chasing.

Something tells me at least one of them has been trained on a leash. Just a suspicion.

It's dangerous for a guy to try a stunt like that. I heard of one man who died after eating dog food for a month. He was sitting in the middle of the street licking ...himself... and a truck ran over him.

* rimshot for Ernie G *

Speaking of dog food, how 'bout them Steelers?

(just have to work the Super Bowl into three more threads, then back to the hangover)

There's sometimes a fine line between food for humans and that for animals. Most of the time, it just means that it's a cut of the meat that we in the West, don't usually eat. Or a type of food that Western people don't usually care for.
When I was a food manufacturing inspector, I dealt a few times with people who were using questionable ingredients.
Sometimes I had to tell the manufacturer that, no, there was no proof the ingredient was unsafe; it was just a case where it had not yet been proved safe.
Note that I do not like to eat at restaurant/bait shop combos. I always wonder when the lunch becomes bait.

Pate de pooch. What kind of cheese goes with it? Probably needs Catsup.

I won't make any nasty comments about their looks, but I will say that the expression on the lady on the left isn't all that enthusiastic. It's more like "if I do this, will you stop hurting me?"

Congrats, padraig. Steelers didn't deserve to win, even though I'm from Pittsburgh.

But today was FUN. I learned to shoot a handgun at the sheriff's dept. shooting range. Afterwards, we watched a demo of K-9 dogs. They were much prettier than those two above.

Thx Coco. Honestly, it was hard to work up a good hate against the Steelers (although Bradshaw tried to make it easier). We would have rather beaten the Bears again.

Actually, Will (t o o) ... that expression kinda reminds me of Alfred E. Neuman ... merely reminiscin' ...

Ok..so I've had wine and they don't look better.

Nuff said.

You know, with beer goggles, they might not be too bad. I have never gone to bed with a ugly woman, but I've woke up with a few.

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