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February 20, 2011


Rock Snot

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Yuck! This is exactly why I only eat fish from the supermarket.

And why do you think supermarket fish are free of rock snot? (Which seems like a good description for a lot of music from the 70s.)

Rock Snot now has a booty call.

That is why you go fishing in the Great Lakes State. Northern Mich. There is nothing more relaxing than trolling around a lake and fish. It's wonderful.

Save the Rock Snot !

Pogo, the Gorton Fishermen and Mrs.Paul both assured me my fish had never been near any rock snot.

So, let me get this straight. Mr. Crump had a Trouting Woman Angler Tryst with whom he shared his bedspread, hooked up, and later smelled of fish?

Is that the score?

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