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February 18, 2011


Troopers Arrest Man Who Could Not Spell Own Alias

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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Maybe he should pick an easier alias next time. Bob Smith, Jay Jones, John Johnson, just to name a few he may want to consider. That's one nice thing about my last name. No one can spell or pronounce it correctly so I'm not too worried about anyone using it as an alias. The bad part is I spend half my life spelling it out for others.

Ironic that he's now going to do a spell?

nc, most women spend half their lives spellng things out for others . . .

*Smacks bonmot*
How's that for punctuation?

i don't know what the big deal is. i've been guilty of a crime or two in my day but and there have been exceptions to the rule but generally speaking i could not smell my anus either, whether in custody or not.

So the Ohio criminals are dumber than the jerky stealing WV ones? Hah!
We write our names on the palm of our hands so we can look it up when needed. Smart, huh?

To paraphrase Muhammad Ali, he couldn't spell "cat" if they spotted him the "c" and "a."

WV - that explains why you don't wash your hands either. You'd ruin your literary archive.

snork @ Annie.

Nursecindy, I know what you mean. My last name is unusual but JUST CLOSE ENOUGH to a common name that some people find it nearly impossible to pronounce my real name. I've tried spelling it, saying it s-l-o-w-l-y, and repeating it so many times that I wonder if I'm saying it correctly.
I took an assistant on an inspection of a large food manufacturer once. He wondered, privately, why the head of the company addressed me as "Mr. Steve" instead of by my name.
I understood completely and made no issue of the familiarity.
BTW, the assistant was one of those who could not pronounce my name.

Wait a minute...

Dave, you mean there's a correlation between poor
training and crime?

Who knew?

Gotta ask...

Was alcohol involved?

If you can't spell " alias ", what good are you ?

Welcome to priosn, Reboot, er Rupert Bob.

Going to jail for not being able to spell is really going to put those kids in school on notice. Next, solve this algebra problem or you get tased.

I guess we won't be seeing him on Wheel of Fortune anytime soon.

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