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February 25, 2011


NAGASAKI -- An old giant eel that inhabited a well here and was loved by local residents died on Feb. 24.

(Thanks to John Grant)


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Actually, didn't he fight Raymond Burr for Tokyo? Or maybe it was Nick Adams.

Supersize my Unagi order, please!!

That makes me glad I've never killed an eel I caught while fishing.
People can form trust-based relationships with a wider variety of animals than Westerners are accustomed to doing.

fEELings....whoa whoa fEELings......for those little EEL things.....

oh well

We're gonna need a lot more eel sauce.

"NAGASAKI -- An old giant eel that inhabited a well here and was loved by local residents died on Feb. 24."

Who then made it into sushi immediately thereafter.

How does an eel " show signs of weakness "... by dropping out of rehab and reactivating its Everquest account ?

'How does an eel show signs of weakness...?'


Does ur eel hang low
doesn't wobble to & fro?
can you tie it in a knot
can you tie it in a bow?
If it's floatin' in ur well
then it's died & gone to hell
'Sayonara, Unatar-oooo'

'Eel be missed by all...

I do remember reading about an eel in a Florida marine park that was a favorite with certain divers. He would come out of his hole and tamely take tidbits from, not of, the diver's hand.
I seem to remember that they kept his exact location quiet for the eel's safety.

Snork a la Sandy !

And i thought my social life was pathetic. Well, I suppose it still is but at least I don't get up in the middle of the night to take care of my eel. Wait a minute, maybe I do.

Thanks a LOT, LeDud.

Quick, somebody sing a Beatles Medley!

That's a moray....

"Ee'll be Back..."

Where do you plug it in?

Ralph, I'm not sure that Dino is any better than He Who Shall Not Be Named....

But thanks for trying.

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