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February 23, 2011


This blog is far too mature to bring you Today's Science Briefing.

(Thanks to Charles Salmon)


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Dave, I always suspected there was a stably stratified fluid core in Uranus.

Drink more cranberry juice.

Fortunately, Uranus is on the far side of the solar system.

I'm pretty sure hydrogen sulfide is involved.

i agree with punkin, and you probly need more fiber.

Back in the early 80s or so, the Arizona Republic had a science story with the headline "Rings Around Uranus Believed to Be Gaseous".

And I thought it was just that breakfast burrito!

Beano would help. Maybe Dave should write a column about it.

The Final Frontier.

I was wondering about that tingly, rumbling feeling.....

Better Uranus than Myanus.

I agree with Siouxie. If I'm not mistaken Dave did write a column already about Beano. Should I be worried that I cannot remember my own phone number but I can remember almost every column that Dave has ever written?

Thank you, nursecindy! I have been looking for that column in my collection of Dave's books but we've moved so many times that I couldn't find it.
Don't worry about your memory, so long as you can remember the columns.

I thought Uranus was located near the Tropic of Colon Cancer.

Santorum (if you don't get it, google it).

I am a science teacher. The first day of school with my high school class I said the following:

"Please open your books and look up Uranus."

I am now the most popular teacher in the school. :)

In my world, I hold the title of Chief of Methane Production.

(random: Rick Santorum can't be too pleased with the impact (ha-ha) of this use of his name during a presidential-hopeful run.)


Yes. Be afraid, be very afraid.....

I never get tired of hearing about Uranus and talking about Mianus. I just don't.

The only thing better would be to bring Dave's weiner and the nuts into Mianus. Or Uranus. I'm sure they'd be happy either way.

*places ad on Craigslist for a life*

*snork*@Punkin. I can just imagine what kind of scary life you could get from Craigslist if you posted the ad in the wrong category.

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