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February 25, 2011


Dark testicles might protect birds from mutation

(Thanks to jon harris and RussellMc)


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I've heard of women melonizing their breasts, but I've never heard of a dude melonizing his balls. Could lead to scrotal stretch, which of course WBAGNFARB.

- so what about the bluebirds?

So bruising them helps?
The things we women have to do to keep our men from mutating.

And while scientists waste their time on this stuff, we're all still waiting for our flying cars.

I'm still adjusting to that name, but it's very interesting.

So thats where chicken nuggests come from!

If only testicles could talk...

wait a minute (lightbulb over head turn on)..

"Testifying Testicles" WBAGNFARB!

Or a gospel movie?

So true,Annie. A woman's work is never done.

Couple 'o real ballbusters we've got here.

Are they saying blackbirds don't evolve? Someone alert the NAACP.

Any of you blog boys need your testicules bruised??

The only bird that they found teste color made no difference in reproduction was the Swallow.

*snork* @ sean!

- but what about boobies & tits?

^ - birds, that is

So the NBA is safe?

so THAT'S what Harry Baals is hiding!

Does "dark testicles" have any connection with The Doors "Dusky jewels" - (Hello, I Love You)

The opposite is also true - Kardashianstan, aka, Hollywood, aka Land 'o Mutants, is about to get very, very white.

P.S. Brrrrr!

There was a young man from Des Moines
with a darkness about his loin
when he wished to copulate
he tried an unwilling mate
who introduced her knee to his groin

Inky Testicles. WBAGNFARB or else a newspapermans disease.

There was an old coot from Great Falls,
Who hung out in windowless walls,
Said he, "Not a lark,
I must stay in the dark.
It's good for testicular balls."

For educational purposes. (Maybe it was to graphic when I sent it in.)

Wasn't "Dark Testicles" a soap opera in the '60's?

I believe that was Dark Shadows, Wolfsong. So, which is your favorite soap now?

So testicle shades will be the new rage. No undressing (or other activities) except in the dark.

Current favorite is "As The Stomach Churns".

Hey! You stole the Soap Opera theme from my workplace!

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