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February 21, 2011


Fitness magazine asked 2,400 women if they would sacrifice a full year of sex to be skinny -- and 51 percent said yes.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Butt..I thought sex was "exercise". At least that's what my ex used to tell me.

And yet there are still women out there who will insist "a woman's sex drive is just as strong as a man's."

Umm. No, darlin'. Not even close.

What's the point of gittin' skinnier if it ain't to um . . . have more sex?!

After a year, bonmot, we're back in the game!

It proves that most women are more interested in competing with other women than in attracting men.

Yeah, Suzy, but you've lost a year of sex! You ain't ever gittin' that back.

I think Loudmouth nailed it.

It doesn't work. I've been celibate for 13 years and I'm not anywhere close to "skinny."

Not exactly an answer but...at one point a cousin of mine lost a lot of weight (she ran marathons) to the point where she looked awful.

When someone told her she looked like she had cancer she said (ISIANMTU), "thank you."

And all the blog guys try to find Suzie Q. Wacvet's address. I would give it up for two full years if I knew I would be skinny forever.

I am clearly a whore.

But are you happy, Punkin? Now all the blog guys are looking for Punkin's address.

Without sex who cares what you look like.

If not having sex isn't making you skinny, how about trying my plan where you have sex several times a week? I'm willing to do whatever I can to help any of the blog girls. And count me among those who have seen very few skinny people who looked happy.

Ah, EyeGore you hit the lump on the hump. Oh, I'd love to be skinny again, but not if I had to give up the best exercise in the world. Have more sex, burn more calories, get skinnier, voila!

It's a trap! They tell you how long you go without, but how much skinnier. You could lose 1.5lbs - and a whole year.

Skinny is great and I need to be skinny but I wouldn't give up a year of sex for it. Go to live for today.

mrs p said she'll go 2 years, but that's her final offer.

I don't think that's much of a sacrifice; many women are afraid to admit that they aren't getting any anyway...

It's NOT an either/or proposition ladies! Get skinny if you want to, but don't let it stop you having sex with us!!

That 3 year headache ain't making anyone I know skinny.

Whooa, are you saying non-skinny people have sex? Oh, eeew!

Boy, that Lydia is just a basket full of sunshine isn't she?

This explains all the skinny girls I dated in high school, usually during Lent.

PMS, diet, what's the difference?

The other 49% said "what sex?" according to
SpyWorld magazine.

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