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February 23, 2011


Mother Offended By Circus Act With Pimps, Strippers

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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"the gospel-themed finale" with "ladies pretending to strip, men throwing money ... pretending to smoke marijuana and sniff cocaine."

*hops in handbasket*
I've been going to the wrong church!

I've seen the Universoul Soul Circus and liked it.

But it's been more than three years since I went.

I'm curious as to the finale's soundtrack...

My guess? Warren G "This is how we do it.."

"...sniff cocaine." I'm glad they cleared that up. I've never used cocaine but I would have done it wrong. Apparently it just has a pleasing aroma.

Still more appropriate than those weirdo clowns.

"Let's go kids! This is disgusting -- I'm taking you to the prison rodeo instead!"

If John Wayne had been running this circus that skit would've been axed. Of course it would have been more dangerous...guns, whips, lions and stuff.

I've never been a fan of circuses. Stripper or pimps not withstanding. However, I've always wanted to go see Cirque du Soleil. It's coming to Charlotte in March and I was wondering if anyone here has seen it and would recommend it?

"...it was too graphic..."

Graphic artists need work, too, ya know.

I thought this was a story about the Grammy's..

Nursecindy, Yes, go. You can even bring your mummy.

Nursecindy, my hubby and I have seen Cirque du Soliel. We enjoyed it and I would recommend it.

I saw the Moscow circus a bunch of years ago. They imprisoned the clowns, the acrobats spied on the lion tamer from overhead, we waited in line for popcorn fooorever and the Ringleader spoke for an hour about some 5 year plan to beat Ringlings with intercontinental ballistic monkeys. The worst part was the massive elephant poop accident.

Cindy -- Cirque is unlike anything you've ever seen. They do different show with different themes but the performers are in incredible shape and never fail to impress.

We saw them in Vegas with my kid a couple of years ago when she was just 8. She loved it. Then we kid the crap tables and she hit the point on 11 straight passes and we won $14 grand. And here I thought my kid only knew how to play with Legos.

Seriously, go. And don't wait to buy tickets. They sell out often.

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