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February 22, 2011


The fight started when the couple realized that they had no maple syrup for their pancakes.

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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Now that's really worth an argument. Funny!

And wouldn't the situatino have been even worse if the Denny's chef were cooking sans clothes???

Bar brawls aren't the same without the alcohol.

tw - pancakes w/o syrup and raw sausage??

*check please!!*

jeff foxworthy stopped by with a form for you to sign...

Maybe that's why they call them "flapjacks". Or "ho cakes" even.

Bet it messed up her pancake makeup.

smackdown cakes served all day for only $4

This doesn't surprise me at all. I've always thought of Denny's as the place you go once you've outgrown Chuck E. Cheese.

And neither one is stacked. Gives rednecks a bad name.

Anyway, wouldn't you take it as a compliment if someone said, “[bit**], your pancakes look fine to me!” ?

Staged and framed, in my opinion. The camera was not a surveillance or phone camera and the camera man was perfectly positioned to get all the action, including the "ladies" being escorted out.
Also, real maple syrup would bring out much more passion.

Ah, the liberal, refined northeast. Down south it's the barbecue sauce that starts all the fights.

Happened all the time at my former Denny's. (I stopped going.)

Once the wiater brought me soup with a fly in it.
When I pointed it out, the waiter was mobbed and beaten severely for giving me "preferencial" treatment.

It was an "all you can beat" special.

love the content warning: "Unflattering image of woman's butt crack"

Luckily, no bacon was involved, or there could have been fatalities.

Damn right, Meanie. Or beer.

On second thought... I'm guessing beer WAS involved.

In Hungary they fight over the paprika.

So (!) they lacked maple syrup ... sounds as if the customer service there is remarkably similar to the places that persuaded me to never enter a Denny's again ... lack of service in a service industry is a definite deal-killer, IMHBCO ...

Boys will be boysenberries.

I haven't been in a Denny's in years, but I don't remember them serving real maple syrup; more like the 4% stuff. That crap isn't worth a flapjack flap.

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