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February 27, 2011


Feel free to comment on them here.

UPDATE: They sure ask some hard-hitting questions on the red carpet.

UPDATE: Here's an actual example of a red-carpet question: "When you're in the car ride over, who decides what music to listen to?"

UPDATE: Only 18 hours to go!

UPDATE: When I think Hollywood, I think JC Penney.

UPDATE: Only 19 hours to go!

UPDATE: Everybody is very thankful.

UPDATE: The "Wolfman" Achievement in Makeup guy actually looks like a wolf.

UPDATE: An Oscar shoutout to... The great state of Delaware!

UPDATE: The Knicks beat the Heat.

UPDATE: Let's bring Kirk Douglas back out.

UPDATE: Well, that certainly was two minutes and 11 seconds of pure entertainment shoehorned into just a little over three hours. Good night, everyone.


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Where's a razor when you need one?

My dog growled at Fro boy. IANMTU.

I take it back. This guy, Luke Matheny, needs to fire his hair stylist.

Seriously...get a haircut dude.

Live action short film dude = AWESOME !!!!!!!

Look like a piece of blue cheese stuck in a brillo pad.

Mash-up = FAIL.

This is the weirdest set of minivids like EVER. I'm terribly disturbed by the whole Rupert Grint thing, but highly amused by "He Doesn't Have a Shirt." :D

Dave,how many hours are left now? Oh! Shirtless guy!

OK - I'm back. Nice nap.

Oprah - My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, guys, you can stop drooling over Anne's shimmy. In other news, I took the over on how many dresses she's gonna wear tonight.

Ofrah. Just give them all a car.

Montpelier is hiding in Oprah's sharpei-ish bosomage.

Awww, c'mon guys - he was soooooo awkward - it was cute !
Altho I agree - this is prolly the worst hair Oscars EVAH !! Scarlett should be mortified - I can't believe she wouldn't try to comb that crap out ...

THANK YOU, Geek Guy !! (Charles)

YES ahole..this is ABOUT THE MOVIES!!

But it was funny, huh ????

Miss Hathaway looks great, but Jethro Bodine is lookin' a might peaked

*waves @ Siouxie*
*waves @ Annie from the frigid mountains of Angeles Crest*

Did that person really say the best movie song of all time (granted, this is before he heard Mandy Moore and Chuck's little ditty) was "It's Tough Out There For a Pimp"?

More questions:

Did Scarlett stick her head in a wind tunnel before she came out?

Isn't there anyone who can write a thank you speech (shame on you, Aaron Sorkin) that isn't just a laundry list of agents, parents, directors, blah blah and other loved ones?

WTFBBQ was with the disjointed crap - the first winner, Anne Hathaway singing about Hugh Jackman, etc.?

Has there been one surprise winner?

As far as I'm concerned there was one highlight:

Kirk Douglas

*WAVES @ TeleSis!!!* How you doin', 'mana? Enjoying the snow??

PS - those fractal commercials make me dizzy.

Siouxie, my thoughts exactly.

I tried not to watch the major network broadcasts, and watched our local Channel 5 News - Sam Rubin ROCKS !!

Hey Telgirl ;)

Dave, not only did he thank the state of Delaware but he thanked...craft services?

Yeah, those people who make the tuna sandwiches for lunch deserve Oscar recognition, dude.

Don't know if Dana Delany's show will be any good but she looks great.

Now here comes a class act

We should all take a drink every time Anne Hathaway changes dresses.

Just tuning in- is Hathaway channeling Pocahontas? And HEY!!!! BILLY CRYSTAL!!!!!

*waves back at Tele*
Get down off Angeles Crest - it's too cold up there!

Yay for Billy Crystal - did I tell you I met his horse? Very nice guy.

Annie- the horse was a nice guy?

I miss Bob Hope. He was the best.

Bob Hope's hair looks good.

*hugs to Diva*
Don't tell anyone, but Mr. Telecom accidentally crashed his new car last night, in the snow. It was REALLY coming down - we had a bunch in our yard, but that wasn't enough for the Mr. - he wanted to get higher up - we slipped and we're not sure if we torqued the frame, or the differential went out. ><

Now Bob Hope was a host! I've always loved that Passover joke.

*goes to hunt for geezer bus*

Whoa!!! Robert Downey and Wonder Woman!!!

I actually quoted the joke waaaay before he said it - Mr. Telecom gave me the *shush* sign so the Sullen One could enjoy.

ddddddddddddddddddd! heeeeeeeyyyyy BFF!!

I bought some Lexia vino today

Watched 5 minutes of Inception on Netflix and couldn't watch any more...

Jude Law is hot! RD, Jr. isn't too bad either.

Ohhh! Text me some, Siouxie!!

Yikes, tele! Glad you're safe. Leave the icy driving to the Canucks and Canuck-adjacents.

The Sullen One is 19.

Oh, NO, Tel!!! >< My sympathies with Frankenfinger. :(

Jeff - rev it up, brother. I love that joke, too. ;)

You would think film editors would not say "um."

Annie- they can edit that out.

Thanks Annie ! Snow has mostly melted, but there are still a few snowmen out there. It's about 38 right now. Hard to believe this is L.A. !!!
Glad I won't be out in a strapless gown and sandals tonight !

Downey and Law were pretty good. Downey should have done a Charlie Sheen joke. Charlie before Charlie was Charlie.

Although I would totally rock that look right now.

Hey Siouxie - sorry - missed that one !
Also, tonight my hair would look like Scarlett's. :-(

It's 38º and snowing in LA, and we're having thunderstorms. What UP?

Ooooooooooooooooooh, Jennifer is one hot tomato in that dress!

Helen Mirren looked great as always. Melissa Leo's f-bomb was amusing but I thought she looked good.

Uh oh - boob alert - Jennifer Hudson.

She looks AWESOME !!!!!!

ddd @ 10:30 - Butternut the horse was a very nice gelding - Billy rode him in both Westerns he did a while ago. Butternut had to wear makeup in the 2nd movie to look like a different horse.

Anne Hathaway can do no wrong tonight. I hate her! ;)

Boob tape does wonders !!!

Gwyneth has inherited her mama's pipes. Nice.

Gd Help Us. Gweneth. Couldn't they afford Martina McBride


Gwyneth's not too bad as a singer either..

FTR - Gynneth is NOT 'country music's latest star.' She is an actress....now go find a better script this time and go act. Shoo. I said Shoo! Ick - she's white trash skinny, but that's about as country as she's gonna get.

Isn't it about time they lose the Best Song category once and for all? Really.

cindy, I liked the Charlie Sheen joke too.

What I hate about the Oscars: in the first hour anything goes, people can ramble on forever, all kinds of stupid time-wasting crap goes on...after they get a couple of hours in and realize they are 45 minutes over they start playing the music immediately.

Why does Gwynnie think she's a country singer?

I am shocked, shocked that Randy Newman won in such a high level group of songs.

As actress/part time singer, I thought she held her own - I really didn't expect that.

Best acceptance speech yet. :D

Randy's been smoking his shoelaces or something.

Somebody poke Dave to wake him up. I've missed blogging like this. It's so good to see everybody.

tele - it's all simple stuff she's singing - no guts, no chemistry, no country roots.
Yes, ddd - I hope Randy brought enough for everyone. But at least he didn't read a laundry list of thank-you's. After being nominated so many times, he can afford to skip the thank-you's.

On second thought, wait to poke Dave. Celine is on.

Speaking of frigid temps, Celine is singing....

Me too, Nurse Cindy (@10:50)!!

Celine puts me to sleep, but I like the tribute!

Skelator sings?

Meh, stunt casting, Annie. Legacy kid, and all that.

Damn miss Lena.

Dave was watching bouncy ball.

Halle Berry - gorgeous, intelligent, eloquent. And nicer hair than even Dave.

I like Celine. There! I've said it.

"It's not the load that gets you down, it's the way you carry it". AWESOME, Lena.

Dave, I don't remember seeing any basketball on the Oscars. Did I miss something?

*snork* @ tele's legacy kid - nepotism is alive and well-edited.

Wow, love that purple dress.

I'm such a FaceBook geek now that I keep looking for the "like" button on posts.

At least Celine's singing this time was better than her awful "Happy Birthday."

Question: other than Kirk Douglas has there been any other major movie star from more than 20 years ago?

Warren Beatty is there supporting his wife but didn't get to talk. Helen Mirren is in her 60's but her success has been in the last 20 years.

They don't even have Nicholson or De Niro or Pacino or Clint or Gene Hackman, let alone stars from the 1960's or earlier.

It's Liz Taylor's 79th birthday and she's in the hospital. Did you hear a mention? No.

Whoever had the over on number of dresses Anne Hathaway would wear is cleaning up tonight.

*gulps wine*
Beautiful blue dress, Anne !

*giggle, Annie*

*snork* ddd! LIKE!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Anne's dresses!

New dress - drinks!

Wow, Mom hits a homer.


Did Halle Berry and Hillary Swank wear the same dress?

Heh, Tuco.

Eli Wallach is 95 - a year older than Kirk Douglas.

God bless them both.

Penelope Cruz is SSSSSMMMOOOKKKIIINNN !!!!!!!!!!
LOVE that red HOT dress - didn't she *JUST* have a baby ??? WOW.

Earlier I said I would kill to look like Anne Hathaway. Now I would like to say I would kill twice to look like Penelope Cruz.

Yeah, Jeff - was just telling Mr. Telecom that ...
He looks great and alert !! Go Dude !!!

TRON geeks - take note !!!

The Dude abides!

The Dude Abides.

Hailee Steinfeld lives nearby. Gotta root for my neighbor.

The Directing Oscar...so, Anne Hathaway introduced Hilary Swank who then introduced Kathryn Bigelow who presented the award. Having the host present a presenter for a presenter...isn't that a little, I don't know, cumbersome?

Yay for "The King's Speech!"

Penelope Cruz had a baby one month ago. Not fair. My baby is a teenager and I'm still trying to get my figure back.

*SNORK* DDD !! The Sullen One ADORES the Dude.

Dude simul with Jeff! I'm baaaaaack!

Pfft. In my case I'd have had to have a figure in the first place to lose it. ;)

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