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February 27, 2011


Feel free to comment on them here.

UPDATE: They sure ask some hard-hitting questions on the red carpet.

UPDATE: Here's an actual example of a red-carpet question: "When you're in the car ride over, who decides what music to listen to?"

UPDATE: Only 18 hours to go!

UPDATE: When I think Hollywood, I think JC Penney.

UPDATE: Only 19 hours to go!

UPDATE: Everybody is very thankful.

UPDATE: The "Wolfman" Achievement in Makeup guy actually looks like a wolf.

UPDATE: An Oscar shoutout to... The great state of Delaware!

UPDATE: The Knicks beat the Heat.

UPDATE: Let's bring Kirk Douglas back out.

UPDATE: Well, that certainly was two minutes and 11 seconds of pure entertainment shoehorned into just a little over three hours. Good night, everyone.


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High ^s the doc.

Jeff was Charlie before Robert was Charlie.

Natalie - GORGEOUS dress and you even have the glamour hair. Beautiful! She's glowing with baby. :)

I think the tassels are placed just a mite high, though, no?

For twirling, I meant. ;)

If Natalie mentions craft services I am out of here.

The Oscar for an actress playing an unlikeable character goes to...

Whhoooaaa !!!!! What a beautiful color she's wearing ! Natalie Portman, I mean.
Good for her ! I have only seen one of the nominated movies - True Grit - but it seems like she was an odds fav.

Yay Natalie Portman. She seems like a sweet person. I would lose the earrings though.

And she's even charming when she stumbles over a name.

Natalie Portman's earrings match the tiebacks on my curtains.

Jeff, it was touch-and-go when she mentioned the AD....

Hair and makeup?


Can craft services be far behind?

What a terrible, boring laundry list speech.

Sandra Bullock looks amazing. Eat your heart out, Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock is always hawt!

1. LOVED the "Drink, at home," moment. :D

2. My roommate just said, "she looks like a fruit rollup."

YAY for Natalie!!

Sandra funny. I heart her. Just because.

Sandy, hate the synchronized swimming hair look.

Sandy is pretty funny.

I really like the individual intros. Sandra called Jeff Bridges "Dude".

I hope Jeff Bridges bogarts the Oscar again.

Sandra looks gorgeous but her eyes look craft-servicey.

Has Sandy ever hosted? She'd be smashing.

*SNORKLOLCOUGHCOUGH* ANNIE !!!! I have BRONCHITIS - these *snorks* HURT !!!!!!

FRANCO!! That's his last name. Sheesh. I couldn't think of that to save my life. Thankfully my life was only dependent on knowing his first name. *phew*

Can't get Pride and Prejudice out of my mind.....he was a fabulous Mr. Darcy.

I agree, Diva - she'd do a good job.


Colin is FUNNY! He has STIRRINGS!

I actually LOVE Colin Furth, although I was hoping Jeff would get it.


After toiling thru all these laundry lists of craft services, anyone else appreciating writers and editors just a wee bit more?

Time to unmake the bed........

Colin Firth did a great job last year too in A SINGLE MAN, as well as LOVE ACTUALLY of course.

Jeff, PS 22 is going to be on in a few minutes. Colin Firth is hot, hot, hot.

Don't go to sleep before watching the kids from PS 22 on Staten Island doing "Over the Rainbow" - they are wonderful.

Makes note to revise Queue in Netflix... (thanks, Jeff)

They really ought to hand them some prepared, punched-up, concise acceptance speeches and tell 'em to emote this or we'll take away your statue.

I, Telecomdropout, nominate Annie-Where-But-Here, writer/editor to the stars, and if I had ANY influence whatsoever (which I don't), I would make sure that Dave Barry/Annie-Where-But-Here next year's Oscar team.

High ^'s cindy - GMTA.

*gulps more wine*

Go to sleep???? After-parties, hellooooo!

Tele, you have bronchitis and you're out on Angeles Crest getting graupelled? For shame!

That was a beautiful way to remind folks that there are truly no losers. The nomination itself is sincerely win enough.

Ten? Cut it back to 3 and get on with it Steve.

^5 back, Jeff. I'm sorry to say I have not seen any of these movies. In fact I've only heard of a few of them. I may have to go see Toy Story 3 and True Grit.

Awesome movie!!! King's Speech!

Um, surprise ??? NOT.

Tele, you are high on Nyquil, but thank you. Better get started on my crafty queen's speech now....

How nice! They gave everybody that's seen the movie an Oscar!

It's like the AYSO - everybody get's a trophy.

seems so, cindy... will watch kids sing, then going to bed. nitey nitey

So, not one surprise winner all night.

Has anyone kept count of how many dresses Anne Hathaway wore?

They all look about as interesting as kudzu salad.

Good freakin' lord Anne, did they paint that gown on?

I didn't think Anne Hathaway would have so much body art....ooh, wait, that's a dress.

Not yet, Annie. Getting cloes, tho !


Nite nite..we need to live-blog more often!

Love you guys..mean it!

The kids were awesome.

Not fair. This chorus is making me cry! You were right Jeff. The chorus and Kirk Douglas were the highlights of this show. Goodnight Dave.

LOVE Anne Hathaway's enthusisam for the kids !!!!
I heart her, too, like Sandra Bullock !

'Night all.

PS22. Fabulous.

Night, night. Don't let the Celines bite.

Yep, a dose of Nyquil, a pillow and my comforter are calling me - see y'all tomorrow !!!!
Hugs and smoochies to everyone !!!!

Goodnight everyone. I love our live blogging and we definitely need to do it more often.

Night, night, y'all. :) I miss this. Let's talk soon about what we can blog instead of 24.....

Nite, nite. I will sleep better knowing Celine has been escorted out of town.

Did Casablanca win?

I just now found out that one of our good friends from hi school is the aunt of Hailey Seinfield. What a world !! We see these people all the time, and I never knew. Wow. I can't imagine what they are feeling now !

Belated *SNORKS*. I was livesnarking on other sites, but I'd have been here too if I'd known! Must read through all three pages tomorrow, when I can keep my eyes open.

Hey! Nobody notified me!
*goes back to read belated snarkiness*

djtonyb, I put an alert on my Facebook page. I'm sorry, I thought you would see it. Next time I'll let you know personally I promise.

Apparently, it's going to have to be in the form of a singing telegram, cindy. I scrolled back 2.5 kilometers in my facebook page and found it, but my lovely facebook app for Android decided it probably wasn't important. Social network my tuchus!!! ;)

Didn't watch the telecast, but had a great time reading your pithy comments; you are all so very entertaining!

I did scroll through some photos of the dresses, which leads to my one question: Does Helena Bonham Carter own a mirror?

what channel was that on??

cindy, I believe Anne Hathaway went to the school and met with the kids and was somehow involved in getting them the gig. Pretty cool.

I thought so.

The Oscars were on?

Colin Firth is HAWT. Jude Law, on the other hand, has all the charm and personality of a colonoscopy. JMHO.

So, did Avatar win?

Had it on but I slept through the whole thing.

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