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February 22, 2011


Take the Hacienda restaurant chain. Please.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Pretty freaking classy.

Wait to you see the twin lobsters with explosive sauce for only $9.11.

C'mon people; that was funny. And insensitive to the . . . two thousand relatives still around?

Most humor is insensitive to someone. That's kinda the point. So if it's your ox being gored, suck it up and smile wanly. It'll be someone else's turn next.

Makes sense to me - I hear McDonald's is working on a new David Koresh/Branch Davidian theme for their next ad campaign...

For some reason, the article, but not the billboard, made me laugh out loud.

cant get any tackier.its not about anybody's ox being gored, it's just insensitive, in general.

OT a little...

Did anyone click on the story below the story about
Coke paying for sex change ops? Doesn't that make their "its the real thing" nothing but a lie?

Also in that story it under the photos of her/him
it said
"Write caption her".

I tried, but the daily Mail wouldn't let me.

Too many margaritas will kill you. I read the sign as a courteous health advisory to the overindulger.

Drinkng the Kool Aid has come more than far enough into our cache of cultural phrases to be unassociated with Jonestown.

This tests the outer limits of political correctness.

Wait, Pannus...how many is too many?

There next bill board should read: We now realize that even moronic cult followers who idiodically followed an even bigger idiot to their untimely deaths have feelings too. Oh wait, no they are dead because they are stupid. Anyone else offended by this understand that massive acts of group stupidity are there for the rest of the world to make fun of. Like the Salem witch trials, White Supremist groups and mullet wearers. Hopefully it will deter any future such acts of stupidity. Now enjoy a Margarita and don't go postal.. Oops!

* quietly cancels grape kool-aid party *

Once again, the importance of sticking with beer is proven.

Sorry bonmot et al, innocent children died at Jones Town so I also think the billboard is inappropriate. The biggest problem with the article is it should read, Jeff Leslie ex vice president of sales and marketing. I agree that it was a massive act of stupidity but innocent people were also involved and I still think that's a tragedy.

I believe I'm qualified on this subject. This restaurant is in the South Bend/Mishawaka IN area. I've eaten many wet buritos there. I've had a few margaritas. I event chipped my tooth on one of their nachos chips (not their chip....my tooth was going). I can say this....what was the subject again ?

"Drinking the Kool-Ade" is part of the American cliche lexicon. I am amused. And it's National Martguerita Day.

I'd have to say the only people who would be genuinely offended by this would have to be actual family members of the victims. Otherwise you are someone who is little more than a PC crank and ineed to get a life (cereal, magazine, or board game will do.)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should not be called names because they feel differently than you, MartiniShark. I'm pretty disappointed in you.

My people call it " bug juice ".

I never liked kool-aid. I'll stick with beer and wine thankyouverymucho.

I'm not offended by it although I do see how some may be.

Sharkie, I'mma have to SMACK you though!

Thanks Siouxie. My feelings are hurt but I'll get over it.

I'm with bonmot and m'shark et al on this one. No offense, except at the stupidity of the ad agency in thinking this would pass muster. I could do a much better job at marketing this my own dang self. In other words, I'm offended that they didn't hire me. So booger. Unless you're offended by boogers. Then double-booger.

If you're worried about innocent victims, ask MADD what they think of advertising alcohol in general, with or without cyanide.

Stupidity is its own reward

can't we all just do some kool-aid jello shots & get along?

I'll drink to that, sandy ;P

Me too, Sandy.

I was mostly responding to Patty Brown in the story. She said:
The very notion that a local restaurant would trivialise such a worldwide tragedy to simply increase their sales of cocktails is outrageous to me, and it offended me to the core.

Really, "to the core"? Certianly she has a laundry list of things that also offend her in such a manner.
I'm sorry, it struck me as nothing more than a cheap stunt to gin up noteriety, which it seems to have done to perfection. Ms. Brown needs to maybe avoid watching television, surfing the web, and generally going out her home, period.

Sumwhut O/T but ... while I think the choice of advertising billboard copy wuz poorly done, some of the points made in these posts are ... thot-provokin' @ least ...

HOWever, one example wuz also not quite apropos, IMHBCO ... I am a "relative of one of these victims" who was hanged as a Witch during the Salem Witch Trials. I tend to harbor some degree of distaste and resentment toward anyone who would trivialize that episode in our collective national history ... merely sayin' ... but at the same time, I am not above being in a state of mild amusement, should someone actually concoct a ... worthwhile? ... joke, cartoon or story about witch trials in general ...

I agree, O. As a relative of one of the victims of the invasion of Troy, I am sickened by the casual references to the sacking and pillaging of my ancestral home, but can still find the humor in Monty Python. And don't get me started about the damn Minoans!

Also, as a former resident like LeDud, I have to concur that the wet burrito is most excellent and if you wonder at the efficacy of their frozen margaritas, just know that I, an admitted germophobe, won a "bobbing for beers" contest during Cinco de Mayo.

Sharkie and I have kissed and made up. I can't wait for us to fight again!

I'm with Clankazoid - we always called it bug juice too.

As a purebred daughter of Erin I will be celebrating the Feast Day of St. Patrick in church. I will be highly offended by anyone tipping a pint on that most holiest of days.

My ancestral bloodline is slightly diluted (not polluted) frum bein' entirely of Irish descent, Annie ... but I agree with y'all ... I will be deeply hurt and saddened should anyone stoop to alcoholic imbibificationalismness on March 17.

HOWever, since I'll be celebrating with old friends and neighbors, for St. Urho's Day on March 16, in special remembrance of his near-miraculous feats in Finland, I'll prolly be a bit under the weather, especially if Mass on the 17th is @ a very early (any time before noon) time ...

I'm Scot-Irish. The Irish side of me will also be offended. On the other hand the Scot side of me will fight anyone who is offended.

Change the wording slightly; advertise that "We're like the Nazis with better ovens -- our pizzas are to die for!"

Everybody laughing please join the line on the left.

We agnostics acknowledge St. Bea (the Fuddled) but we're never sure when her feast day is. For that matter, it could be a fast. Whatever.
Some of us celebrate by going to the nearest McDonald's, Wendys, or other. We call it a fast feast.
We're thick skinned but easily offended.
Who said that?

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