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February 21, 2011


Don't leave home without it.

(Thanks to Poker)


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That's a souper story!

Way to go, Mr.Reynaldo Cepada! However the article doesn't mention what kind of soup it was. Probably Hearty Beef. I don't think Chicken Noodle would do the job in this case.

Might've been cold cock soup, nc.

Good one, Not S.

...and he was signed to a three year contract by the Marlins.

Good morning, Jeff.
I hope you and yours are not affected by fire or snow.
Or flying soup cans.

'Chicken Soup for the Noodle....'

(thanks to the soup the attack was condensed)


Campbell's new campaign,

"It's amazing what soup can do" applies in this can case.

By the way, send in 1000 labels and $10 postage and you will get the videos "Soup 101: Recipes" and
"Soup 102: Self-Defense".

No, we're still in Florida out of the snow zone.

We are, however, in the Walmart zone...

Probably tomato soup. That stuff's gross.
Lawsuit in this case in 3, 2,.....

Jeff has become a Walmart shopper. Run back to NYC as fast as you can, Jeff!

In fairness, it coulda been Progross-o and our
Sam's own brand, Great Value.

Just keep the soup can handy. You never know when
someone's gonna attack you.

OT, a little:

Is it true that every Walmart has a screaming kid there?

ANd I can never remember, is it Wal Mart or that other Mart That has the blue-light specials in the
red light district?

Steeeeeeeerike! (Sorry, baseball and spring can't get here fast enough)

It was Cream of Squash Soup

The other Mart has the blue light specials, funny man. Also, I think it's the law that there are at least 2 screaming children, 3 people in p.j. pants and bedroom shoes, and 22 people on scooters in every Walmart at all times. These, of course, are minimum requirements.

" Twart ! " is the noise a soup can when it hits you between the eyes, by the way.

cindy, I think you're right.



Just kidding!

K-Mart has the blue light specials. Cosco, on the other hand, sometimes has the yuppies in a hurry who act like they're going to run you over any second now if you don't get out of their way this instant even though technically, you're on the right side of the aisle and have what amounts to the right of way.

In my experience, Wal-Mart tends to have shoppers who don't act like they're going to run you over.

WinCo has the clueless shoppers who manage to block entire aisles for long periods of time just using their bodies and shopping carts. I love WinCo's prices, but I frequently leavfe that store wanting to yell at some of the clueless people. And yet, they're smart enough to know that WinCo is a good place to shop.

Are they sure it was a can of soup? Cuz it sounds more like he got beaned.

Bean soup, bon? Should have followed through with head cheese.

Jeffrey (insert middle name here) Meyerson! I never! I sincerely hope none of those pictures were taken at our local Wally World. Although, I did have to go there today and saw a woman with a long t-shirt on with a pair of panty hose. Unfortunately her t-shirt wasn't quite long enough... I'm skipping dinner tonight.

Leave the gun...

Take the cannellinis

nc, are the camels loose in NC tonight?

Chuckin' Chunky. Donovan's mom would be so proud. The guy might have a future replacing Donovan.

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