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February 24, 2011


Today in Washington, D.C., I visited the Newseum,  where something I wrote is on the wall.

I managed to get out before they caught me.


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Is this why Dave writes so few columns nowadays? All the chiseling slowing him down?

Congratulations, Dave!
You've arrived.

the handwriting is on the wall: that is awesome :)

Dave, have you sued yet for copyright infringement?

We went a month or so ago. It was far more interesting than I anticipated.

They had early news articles that went back a couple of centuries. Very cool.

Mebbe if sumbuddy would kinda "color in" them letters, we'd be able to read it more easily ... especially them letters so tiny becuz of bein' way behind Dave ...

Yup, Dave can't type, but he can chisel 80 words per minute.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Cool, when did you get famous?

It says:

"But TV news can only present the "bare bones" of a story; it takes a newspaper, with its capability to present vast amounts of information, to render the story truly boring. ~Dave Barry"

Wonder how they found a Dave Barry quote that long that cntained no beer or booger references?

Wow, Dave does the Newseum's Wall! Much better than just posting on Facebook!!!!

I can bop on downtown and add some boogers if you like Yeti.

Dave just gets cuter and cuter.
They had early news articles that went back a couple of centuries. Very cool.
Posted by: Cheesewiz | February 24, 2011 at 05:33 PM

Cheesewiz, were any of these Dave's old columns?
Sorry Dave. Siouxie made me say that.

Dave has been immortalized.
Unfortunately for most of us, we will be mortalized.

Photoshop. I searched the Newseum website for "Dave Barry quote" and was told "no documents match your request."

And look... they have a wax Dave too.

We saw that when we were there - very cool and the Newseum is a lot of fun as well as informative.

Do they allow advertising anywhere? As in, ad newseum?

Dave has been my main source of news for some time now. My stress level is greatly reduced from my days of relying on FOX and CNN. By the way, has anyone heard anything about some little uprising in the middle east?

Dave do you feel better now that the Beib has changed his hairstyle? You're one of a kind again.

Definitely Photoshopped. The quote DOES contain beer AND boogers (and also references to both). Plus, Dave was at an adult beverage establishment and was Photoshopped into the photo, and the squirrel was removed.

Well I'm pretty sure anyway .

That's pretty cool Dave.

Just think, a thousand years from now some archeologist will be digging in dirt and come across this quotation. Dave, please convert some of your columns and books into stone so they will last forever.

A thousand years from now, when archeologists excavate our landfills, they'll come away convinced we worshipped baby poop, since we went to such great lengths to preserve it.

First it goes into a plastic diaper. Then the diaper goes into a plastic poo-poo sausage maker, a/k/a a "Diaper Genie", which then goes into another plastic bag. While everything else has rotted away, Junior's scat will be pristine.

"Pristine Scat" of course, WBAGNFARB.

I hope Dave was aware that there is an expectation for the living originators of the quotations to sign the marble in Sharpie.

That is way cool, Dave. Next we'll see your wax figure at Madame Tussauds. (Watch out for Vincent Price).

Mr. Barry-
Tear down that wall!

You should have autographed it with a Sharpie. And then ran like the wind.

THAT's a picture worth keeping!

Just think Dave, when that quote becomes really, really famous, you'll be dead!
Sorta like what happened to E.A. Poe, only different.

lilkillaX3dayvah \,,/

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