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February 23, 2011


According to a report: After midnight Sunday, Batcher, who had consumed three or four drinks but did not appear to be intoxicated, entered the men’s restroom at the Thirsty Turtle Bar, 2615 Mall Drive, removed her clothes and returned to the bar nude.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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And, Again! No photographic evidence. Shoddy reporting.

No shoes, no shirt, no service?

Maybe after midnight she realized it had become No Pants Day.

I'm gonna pay more attention to No Pants Eve next year.

Without pictures I cannot possibly fully comprehend the story.

Tipples for nipples?

Another example of our civil rights being trampled upon.

If more women did this, the world would be a better place.

Just how big were those drinks? Oh, she's lookin' for lust in all the wrong places.
All together, now...

If I had a dollar for everytime I have done this......

cindy, if you want dollars for doing this, you have to remember to wear a garter belt.

I tried that padraig but the quarters kept falling out.

She only went to the men's room because there was line in the ladies.

I have to agree with my brethren of the blog and register my protest over the lack of pictures.

Not to intentionally beat a dead horse excessively ... but ...

No fotos?

Going topless in a bar should not be a criminal offense, but locking others out of the rest room deserves the death penalty.

So then this termite asked "Where is the bar tender?"

Tequila makes her clothes fall off.

Is she single? I bet there are some blog guys that are looking for a woman with her special talent.

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