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February 25, 2011


The Department of Education has reportedly banned Zumba classes after public servants doing the dance exercise made their Civic office block shake so badly engineers were called to investigate.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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You can have my Zumba when you pry it from my cold, dead...uh, what is Zumba again?

Either those people are awfully big or that building is awfully weak.

Maybe they were Zumba-ing to AC/DC's "Shake Your Foundations".

Never happen in America. We can't get that many people moving in unison unless the building is on fire or the McDonalds next door is having a special.

Having tried Zumba once, I understand completely. But, why didn't just they move it to a room on the ground floor?

Jeff, check this out.

Please don't send them to Washington-- our Education Dept doesn't need more fat employees.

So if Zumba dancers are undead do we call them zoombies?

I've been doing Zumba for a couple of years now, several times a week. If you havent't tried it you should. Or not, what the hey . . .

In an alternate quantum universe where everyone is Michael Moore...?

Shake, shake, shake! Shake your bounty!

Get enough unison merengue and it's a another Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

*Wonders if this might have something to do with dead eels*

Scary bridge, by the way Loudmouth. It's free to get in, but ya gotta PAY to get out. Like a ransom or something.

I looked Zumba up, because I have never heard of it before, and was surprised to see there are at least 100 classes in my area. I can see why MKJ would take this class. It looks like a lot of fun. It also makes more sense to do this than step aerobics. I used to be a yoga fanatic and I sincerely believe that is what messed up my back. It is not natural to put your feet behind your head.

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