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February 18, 2011


Annandale civic association elects dog as president

(Thanks to Clarissa French)


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Community association president? No thanks.

I'd rather be drug nekkid through an Arab village with a bagel on my d*ck.

doo dah. doo dah.

Isn't this cruelty to animals?

The same Annandale,boys and girls, as made famous in Steely Dan's My Old School.

My two blonde Afghan Hounds would do a better job, than most politicians.

Dog Elected Honorary Mayor of Kentucky Town
The winning Border Collie competed against a cat who campaigned for change.

Posted: November 6, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

In Rabbit Hash, Ky., the most hotly contested race of the 2008 election was for the mayor’s seat, and while Travis the cat put up a good fight, it was a Border Collie named Lucy Lou who won the most votes.

Three official residents live in the town on the banks of the Ohio River, yet Lucy Lou managed to win 8,085 votes. The feline placed third with 3,721 votes. An English Springer Spaniel named Toby was the first runner-up with 4,596 votes.
Bobbi Kayser, owner of the new honorary mayor, explained that for this election, voters were able to cast their ballots, repeatedly, from all around the world via the Rabbit Hash Historical Society’s website. For the locals, the general store served as a polling site.

While Travis the cat came up short in his effort to capture the most votes with a message of change, he helped contribute to the total amount raised in the election: $21,200. The money goes to maintain the town’s historical integrity. Lucy Lou promises to lend a paw to all fundraising events and activities, Kayser said.

“It’s so not the hillbilly Kentucky that you think it might be,” she said, noting that many artists and musicians are attracted to Rabbit Hash for its strong sense of community and timeless quality.
Lucy Lou follows in the footsteps of Junior, a black Labrador Retriever who served as mayor from 2004 until he died in 2008. The first canine mayor, a mixed breed named Goofy, was elected in 1998.
Lucy Lou and Travis competed with candidates that included a miniature donkey named Higgins whose campaign slogan was “Put a jackass in charge,” as well as nine other dogs, one opossum, and a human.

It IS a watchdog position.

all in favor of scarfing down my son's sausage sandwich and barfing it back up on the rec room carpet raise your... ah never mind.

First act was to force pets to curb their humans.

"Leashes? We don't need no steenkink leashes!"


Every dog has its day.

But some lucky dogs have two.

The president is a bitch. Let's hope she doesn't get into any heated arguments.

Probably a rePUGlican. Ran against the demoCAT.

I used to live in Annandale. I can truthfully say it's gone to the dogs since then.

What's this all about? Dog as president??


anti wrinkle cream

"For weeks leading up to the election, he begged, pleaded and cajoled neighbors to run for the often-thankless volunteer post. No one bit."

Well, that problem looks like it's been taken care of.

Speaking as a former condo president, I totally understand. And the beauty is that it's unlikely that anyone will accost Beatah in the hallway and threaten her with violence, since she's able to bite back.

My favorite unit owner was the one who told my predecessor "Know your enemies! They're going to need dental records to identify you when I'm finished." (I believe the issue related to - what else? - parking spaces.)

I once was elected foreman of a jury. I felt very honored for about 30 seconds. Then of course I was the punching bag for the rest of the jury. The next time I'm doing jury duty, and they're getting ready to elect a foreman, I'm not leaving to go to the bathroom until all the voting is finished. Being a leader is not all it's cracked up to be.

>>Only weeks later did many discover that their new president was, in fact, a dog.<<

This has been happening a lot lately.

As long as we're talking about Presidents... Remember to vote for Dave Barry 2012!

...or at least Lucy

Lucy Barry For President!!

My golden retriever, Murphy, received a personal letter from a political party here in Canada, requesting a financial donation (heh.. I had previously had him join the party).

In lieu of money we...err actually he...mailed them a milk bone.

We are still waiting for the tax receipt.

If a dog runs for president does he have to be 5 years old in dog years or 35 years old in human years? Not many 35 year old dogs running around.

*Arf.... drool* at nc!

Great advice -- never go to the bathroom during ANY meeting -- who knows what you will be assigned.

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