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February 08, 2011


Snake attacks lawyer in Kisii hotel


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Self hating snake?

Who ordered room serpents?

Odd.. I figured there would be a professional curtesy thing.

"...he opened the door, a huge black snake attacked him and coiled itself around his neck."
Now THAT's a gag order.

"No, I wanted a PLUMBING snake!!!"

Could we get a whole mess of them snakes shipped to Washington, D.C. thanks?


An article on Jan. 16 about drilling for oil off the coast of Angola erroneously reported a story about cows falling from planes, as an example of risks in any engineering endeavor. No cows, smuggled or otherwise, ever fell from a plane into a Japanese fishing rig. The story is an urban legend, and versions of it have been reported in Scotland, Germany, Russia and other locations.

He heard a knock on the door? I didn't know that snakes could knock. Also, whatever happened to professional courtesy?

Don't asp, don't tell.

Man, having been in court thousands of times over the years, I thought that I had heard it all.

But this BS really takes the cake. I have been very familiar with delaying tactics on the part of the defence, but this one wins an "A" for creativity.

My thoughts exactly on both counts, nc.

Rafael's NY Times story appears to be here. You'll probably need a login, in which case BugMeNot is your friend. Lemme just note that the NY Times should be embarrassed about this -- the Snopes debunking of the "falling cow" Urban Legend dates back to at least 2007.

He never should have opened the door. Fell for the old landshark routine again. "I'm just a dolphin, maam."

Sheesh! He ignored the cardinal rule of Africa. Never open your hotel room door at 4am. I mean, where's this guy been?

even generic viagra thinks dave should write a book
(as long as he can do it in 4 hours...)

Actually if it takes Dave more than 4 hours to write his book he should call his agent.

The bull is strong and deep with this one.
Which hand did the snake use to knock?

Bon? You OK?

Snake on snake action!

I'm with mark. You'd think they wouldn't attack their own kind. ;P (sorry bon)

Snake attacks lawyer...okay, how can they tell the difference?

Snork @ SW way up there

The followup to "Snakes on a Plane" could be "Snakes in a Hotel". The final installment could be "Snakes in Donald Trumps Hair", a sort of modern Medusa-esque morality tale.

Your Honor!

If my lawyer heard a hiss, you must dismiss!

He was left dumbfounded by the scales of justice

( knock, knock, knock ) " Houssssssssssse keeping. "

Something just doesn't adder up.

(I sent that in on my iPhone a few hours ago, and it showed up as posted, but that and my other iPhone posts seem to have disappeared. Weird.)

bonmot, get a Blackberry or an Android phone.

Maybe viagra man is telling Dave he can help him get his book published in a hard cover as opposed to soft. And I think the warning should be IF IT TAKES YOU MORE THAN 4 HOURS TO READ THIS BOOK YOU SHOULD HAVE TRIED HARDER IN SCHOOL.

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