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February 21, 2011


"In Kazakhstan, there are a lot of single women, and it is a national tragedy, because we lose potential mothers," Mr Asilbek said in an interview with Adam, a local magazine. "I think polygamy would solve this problem."

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Razors. They'll need razors.

You know your language is tough to master when even your presidential candidates can't speak it, Jimmy "Nuke-u-lar" Carter notwithstanding.

Wow, in Brazil the clowns can be illiterate. In K-stan they have to pass a language proficiency test that actually knocks out candidates.

Studley Asilbek. You're nuts.

Mr Asilbek, 70, went on to say that he, himself, had considered a second wife. "Young girls often come to my home, dreaming of becoming my wives. But none of them could so far pass the 'quality test' of my current wife."


Good one, dude. They dream of becoming your wife?


Although I must admit you do have a great hat there.

Wouldn't you love to know what the "quality test" is that he gives the wifely candidates? I know I would.

Do they have to look at him in his hat and not laugh?

I agree, Jeff. Sweet hat.

How many blog guys would like to have 3 or 4 wives at one time? All of them living together in the same house. With you. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It's not just 3 or 4 wives, who would eventually get their cycles synchronized so you had multiple cases of PMS coming at you at the same time every month. No, the real horror is dealing with 3 or 4 MOTHER IN LAWS. I think I will stick to 1, thank you.

A gruelling test of proficiency in the Kazakh language and 90,000 signatures should immediately be added to the requirements for U.S. candidates at every level of government.

Harem scarem. Scares me. Polygamy in different states might work better. Visit once a year and let 'em take care of themselves.

C'mon guys. This idea worked in Utah. For a while.

This project calls for a large grant to study this new wrinkle in the theory of K Selection.

Didn't Solomon have a thousand wives? Wasn't he known for his wisdom?

*Hops in handbasket.*
Ever think that maybe the bible leaves a few things out?

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