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February 16, 2011


Some background on the folks who are doing it.


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I wish I could see it. It would be nice to see.

Cheaper than the count on I set up not seen anywhere else look it up yourself

I can hardly wait for the pirated video

Just avoid anybody with the "Spider-Man" musical on their resume. INCLUDING Bono.

Padraig, you're wrong. If they want to bring in the audience, they should make sure they injure at least one cast member a night.

I saw this in La Jolla and loved it, as did my then-12 year old son. It was much better than expected. Christian Borle is a hoot.

"Props and scenery are minimal and simple, and actors not only play multiple roles but also function as bits of scenery." So true. I nominated the rope for best supporting.

I hope it does really well.

I'm a little worried. Shouldn't Molly have some company, or has Spiderman already killed off all but (not butt) one Starcatcher?

Who knows when there will be prime minister?

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